New York University (NYU) is known for many impressive things, including having the highest number of enrolled international students in the US, being the first-ever to launch a dentistry facility on wheels in the entire state, and home of NYC’s fastest computer.

Apart from these, NYU is also making waves with its impressive NYU dining hall. Their dining halls observe sustainable dining practices, such as the following:

  • Sustainable food: This means that they only use locally-sourced ingredients and produce.
  • Green buildings: They operate in energy-efficient and environment-friendly spaces.
  • Quality Assurance: They only serve high-quality food, and all their managers are NYC Food Handler-certified.
  • Waste Management: They recycle and observe proper waste management procedures.

What are the different dietary options offered in NYU dining halls?

The great thing about NYU dining services is that they cater to the different dietary options of their students. Currently, NYU offers five different dietary choices.


  • Vegetarian/ Vegan: The vegan and vegetarian programs of NYU were commended by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). PETA even named the university as one of the vegan/vegetarian friendly campuses in the US.
  • Kosher Food: Weinstein’s Kosher Eatery offers a 100% KOF-K kosher program that serves daily meals and Shabbat meals every Friday. Meat dishes are usually served every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Dairy food is available every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Gluten Selection: Gluten selections are found in different residential dining halls. Cooking utensils, boards, and toasters are separated for people who prefer their food without gluten.
  • Halal Food: Halal food is available in different halls like Lipton NYU dining hall, at Jasper Kane Cafe, and Kimmel Market Place.
  • Healthy For Life: NYU also offers a nutrition information program called Healthy for Life. The purpose of this program is to lead the way in achieving healthier lifestyles for their students through “better-for-you” menu choices.

Where can you dine at NYU?

If you’re near Washington Square, here are some of your dining options:

Kimmel Center: The Marketplace

It is located at the 3rd floor of the Southern wing of the Washington Square. Here, you can enjoy a variety of traditional and international cuisine like street food and sushi. They also serve halal food for lunch and dinner.

Weinstein Dining Hall 

This is located at 5-122 University Place and is home to food with distinct, global flavors. You can find authentic and ethnic food selections from around the world here.

LifeWorks: Palladium Restaurant 

This is located on the 3rf floor of 140 East 14th Street. You can find healthy, wholesome, and authentic food here. They also have three different food stations — Palladium Grille, Global International Fare, and Produce Market.

Brooklyn Dining 

If you’re somewhere in Brooklyn, here are a few of your dining selections.

Jasper Kane Cafe

This is located at the MetroTech Center, and this cafe serves chef-crafted vegetarian cuisines, savory curries, vegan meals, and other plant-forward food creations. They also serve Kosher and Halal certified meals for their customers.

Bridgeview Market 

This is also located at the MetroTech center and is a mini-grocery stop where students can grab snacks and beverages. Also, if you need school supplies, you can find it here.

If you want to see videos of how NYU students spend their days and nights in and out of the NYU campus, you can check out Campus Reel. Countless videos are reviewing the services and food at the Lipton dining hall. They provide touring videos of the NYU campus, and even giving a sneak peek of how classes are at NYU.