Jux Pux - A startup founded by Pulkit Arora in March 2015 - gained tremendous appreciation for its hygienic beverages and food. It also includes the North Indian cuisine, variety of shakes, smoothies, lemonades and what not. Co-founders, Nipun Bhardwaj and Simran Jeet Singh with their passion, dedication and zeal made Jux Pux touch the heights of success. From Delhi to Agra and after making its franchise model, it has covered Noida, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Allahabad and rapidly expanding all over the country.

Let's know more about #JuxPux by Simran Jeet Singh.

  1. Jux Pux - What's with the name?

It's linked with the founders name and his wife. Also, we tried to make it as simple and catchy.

  1. Who are your biggest competitors?

We have stretched our arms in various domains where we are serving variety of products under two brand names Jux Pux and CH 01. 

  1. Who handles the recipes and the new additions/flavours?

Pulkit, the founder of the organization directly handles the operations with well equipped and experienced staff.

  1. If not Jux Pux, what would it be called?

You never know.

  1. A food chain - serving healthy & tasty snacks - you can never get enough of?

As mentioned we are serving variety of products, we have ventured ourselves into North Indian Cuisine as well, apart from Milkshakes, Waffles, Pasta, Garlic Breads etc. Also, we do have plans of starting some new ventures with different product range.

  1. Describe your journey with Jux Pux so far in three words.

Exciting, Thrilling, Lovable

  1. Which Food Critic you adore the most?

We do follow Mr. Tikku’s facebook page.

  1. How important is Zomato's role in the success of Jux Pux?

Zomato has contributed no doubt, but nowadays many such options are available with the customers so it is all about their trust on any such venture.

  1. What's exciting to you about the food industry? 

The best and the worst thing about food industry is the same food can be very tempting to someone on the other hand can be disastrous for someone. For ex : We serve paan milkshake, for that we have got really good reviews from some of our customers on the other hand many have not liked it. So it's all about your taste buds.

  1. How do you think the food industry can improve? 

Hygienically, there is a lot of scope for improvement. Restaurant owners need to be strict on this with staff.

  1. Where is the new branch opening up next?

We are expanding our reach to tier 2 and tier 3 cities, one of them is Barabanki (near to Lucknow), next we are opening there.

  1. What's your favourite item from the menu?

I am a chocolate lover, so I really like Chocolate brownie milkshake.

  1. OK, Non-alcoholic beverages : Who came up with this idea originally?

The founder himself, Pulkit Arora.

  1. Which outlet has the maximum success rate? Why?

To be honest all are doing good. Its all about the taste which pulls the customer.

  1. Which is the most sold/loved product?

Paan Milkshake, Chocolate Dreamz milkshake, Waffles.

  1. That one review f Jux Pux - that's crossed your mind more than twice?

There are many reviews on Zomato Jux Pux Agra page who touched our hearts.

  1. If you could hold on to one Jux Pux memory from your life forever, what would that be?

When Jux Pux was opened in Infosys Hyderabad, that was the biggest achievement.

  1. What lessons has your work life taught you?

Business is a very beautiful game, where you have to be attentive at every moment. People are standing taking swords in their hands and you have to knock everyone.

  1. A song that describes your current state of mind.

Not specific but many sufi songs are there.

  1. Who is your favourite member from your team?

Me and my partner, Pulkit and Simran

   22. The last line of your autobiography would read…



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