Dress to Impress


I scurried my brain to find the list of excuses I could use to cut short my blind date as he went to the washroom which I secretly was thankful for, because that 5-minute break from the sight of his gelled-up side swept “bangs”, horribly tight shirt with the buttons begging for mercy and the eye-blinding shiny gold buckle of the belt, was heavily needed. I thought, what a shame.

For one can be well-spoken, smart and talented, with a good sense of humour being the cherry on top but the only overlooked and underestimated aspect of carrying oneself outweighs the rest. Be it a casual dinner with friends or the cooperate setting, if you fail to create your vibe and speak before you actually open your mouth, it can cost you a lot.

To avoid this impending doom of ours, a few tricks and hacks can always come in handy. The very first step is to dress in accord with our body shape, one which compliments it. The second would be to keep it classy, spending several bucks on loud top and revamping an old one is not only economical but also trendier. To go for an “effortless“ look is always best as it keeps the simplicity intact along with comfort. An extremely tight shirt vs a relaxed t shirt can change the game altogether. Then styling your hair from a neat one or a Sunday morning one along with the right shoes can bring a whole different air to your personality, enhancing your aura.

Over the last few years importance has been given to inner beauty than outer however there’s a thin line between the way a person looks and the way s/he carries her/himself and it is important to identify that line in order to make a statement, a lasting bold impression.