While dressing, do you always think about impressing others, be it an interviewer, some officials, relatives, friends and the list of people goes on? If yes, then just give it a thought. Because in my point of view what matters is, first to overwhelm yourself with what you prefer to wear. If you are comfortable and enjoy carrying any attire, then it will always go with the fashion flow. Once you start adoring yourself, no one can stop following you and the way you carry yourself.
“Dress like you’re already famous”, a well-known quote ! Following this basic saying can actually bring a major modification in your overall personality. Along with this, following some of my suggestions might help you a bit too.
Pick the ones in which you feel comfortable and confident. Because if you are not convinced with your attire, then it would be really difficult to satisfy or impress others.
Your look varies according to the situation. Formals for interviews and meetings, casuals when hanging out with friends, traditional clothes for family functions e.t.c. Whatever the situation is, always wear neat, tidy and well groomed clothes. Not just your clothes, your hair, nails, everything should be perfect or at least close to perfect. As it’s rightly said “First impression is the last impression”. Make sure your appearance leave a deep mark on the viewer’s mind.
Your complete look is incomplete without the footwear. The type of footwear should always get along with the dress you are wearing. Don’t take this part lightly because your viewer will judge the whole of you that is from top to bottom.
Being choosy at times will definitely work in your favour. Pick the colour which is in demand according to the season. For example in summers, hand-pick light pastel colours. Trust me, pastel colours are on the top of every fashionista’s list now-a-days.
Fashion is all about experimenting with various stuffs you have. Sometimes you get criticism but at times you get appreciation which, in a way helps bringing a redefined self-confidence. Criticism is that vital part in everyone’s life which let the people grow aggressively. You never know that one day your experiment might turn out to be the next sensational look. And at that time people would be dressing up to impress you.
That is all for now. I hope my tips will help you with your dressing style. Let me know if you need more suggestions or you have any other fashion related queries.

Loose Light colour outfit – PERFECT for summers  Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.45.47 AM.png