Hello people! Are you upset about your body weight? Are you finding it difficult to fit in your old dress? Are you having sleepless nights? Well if your
answer is yes then I am here to share amazing exercises to burn your
belly fat ‘fast’ ! The body movements that we do in our daily activity purposes increase our heart rate; work our muscles and that where fitness begins . There are several examples of exercises that include walking, yoga, skipping, dancing, swimming, jogging etc.

Some of the most effective exercises to burn belly fats really fast are:

It is basically intended to improve our health and fitness of the whole body. There are several benefits of cycling.
· It helps us in recovering from old injury.
· It helps us in improving out heart rate.
· It helps in losing fat.
· It helps in preventing cancer.

Jogging is the movement of legs from a faster pace than walking. It is faster than walking and slower than running.
· It helps in preventing cancers.
· It recovers the mental fitness.
· It helps in losing weight and body fat.

It is the mostly known as an abdominal exercise. It starts with laying the face
on the floor where knees are bent and hip-width apart. Keep your hands
behind your head and hold your elbows out to the sides. Slope your chin
slightly, leaving a few space between your chin and chest. Lightly pull
your abdominal inward. The movement starts up from curling up and
forward your head, shoulder blades and neck lift off the floor. Hold up
there for a moment and then gently slow back down.
· It helps in burning calories.
· It strengthens the muscles.
· It helps in preventing back pain.

  1. Swimming
    Swimming is one of the well-known sports for fitness. It is one of the
    healthiest activities that anyone can continue for lifetime. It is water activity which provides and all-over body workout.
    · It keeps the heart rate up.
    · It builds the endurance and strengthens the muscles.
    · It helps in losing extra fat.
    · It helps in maintain health heart and lungs.

For video aids of the exercises, follow :