“To err is human”. No one in this world is perfect, everyone have some fault in their own stars, some possessive, some dominant, etc. But, I am all of this with only one thing – FOOD. Yes, I am a foodie or a food lover myself and am possessive about the same. I see it as an emotion and thus I am very particular about the restaurants I visit, the taste, the interior decors, etc. This does not mean I eat only in expensive restaurants, but it does mean that I love food so much that I can travel all alone only to discover about food.


As I said in the previous paragraph, I behave very notorious when its food. Jokes apart, I love themed restaurants which one of the videos that have been named a trip to Hauz Khas and Hauz Khas villages Delhi showcased. In this particular video, the focus of the camera starts from the mid streets of passerby’s to the food street with some wall paintings on the way that heads us to this restaurant where the chef says how he tried a mojito which tasted amazingly well. So, this is what food does to anyone in this entire world. The other videos that I saw also kind of had the same view, adding various cuisines which gave visual treat to my eyes. One of those videos had this beautiful decor completing the theme of the restaurant with yellow light dangling.


As the Meta data reads, “eat valentine’s day Delhi edition”, I personally believe one does not need any particular place to be romantic when you have food. Concluding, don’t be impartial if it’s food as all of us see it as Goddess (Annapurna) and so do me.