Kolkata is famous for its colonial architecture and its archaic art. The city of joy is Unknown-1.jpeghowever also an artist of street food making itself “street foodie” capital of the country. Besides its rich historical buildings and monuments, the city offers you the taste of every bite of India through its street stalals and hawkers. From “samosas and chai” near Bangur Hospital served in small clay pots adding a sensation to the tea, Tollugunj to Cheese Schezwan Dosa at Kartik’s in Camac Street, the city has a lot of street food to fill up that tummy in a yummy way. For few rupees one can always have a feast in the Kebab and roll corner in North Kolkata and Kachori Sabzi available in almost every round corner. The popular balls of wheat called ‘puchkas’ are insanely amazing and a must to have if rasgula1_1_1024x1024.jpgone ever visits Kolkata. They are probably the most famous snacks for the folks. Another popular snack is the “Jalmuri chat”, made out of puffed rice with amazing flavor of coriander, green chilies, Indian spices and some also add chutney or tamarind along with some nuts and coconut shred with onion, potatoes, and tomatoes all sliced up. Kolkata is the sweetest city, not only because of the ‘Bhalo-Bhashi’ Bengali people there but because of their mouth watering sweets. Milk being their hot ingredient, the city has the world famous ‘roshogullas’, ‘sondesh’, ‘kheer-kodom’ and many more such sweet delicacies. The oily yet utterly delicious ‘aluu – chop’ is some potato miracle making it one of the most likeable evening snack for the people there.
Kolkata no matter is a must visit for its rich heritage but trust me no city can know your taste buds more than this land of Ganga. So, next time you plan a trip to Kolkata, schedule your meals before.