Marriages in India are acclaimed for being big fat weddings. A grand Indian wedding is all about good food, fine wine, music, dance and fun. A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without good food and drinks. Upon entering a wedding venue the very first thing that guests notice is the lavish spread of delectable dishes. The guests might forget the lavishness of your wedding but the taste of scrumptious cuisines that they had at your wedding continues to linger on their taste bud.
India owning to being a land of diversity is considered as a foodie’s paradise. We Indians are known for our foodie nature and the availability of a plethora of cuisines aptly justifies our foodie nature. Right from having varieties of starters to a wide range of mouth fresheners the lavish spread of dishes packed with the goodness of herbs and spices at the wedding serves as a treat for the eyes. So no matter in which part of India you’re tying the knot you definitely cannot miss out on the food part. Food is the quintessential element of an Indian wedding.

Are you getting hitched soon? Planning to tie the knot in Ludhiana? You must have booked the top wedding caterers in Kolkata then. Are you confused about the selection of your wedding menu? as we have got your back. Here are some best Indian cuisines that you must have at your wedding.


1. Gol Gappa

An all-time favourite, these tantalizing water balls that are also known with a variety of names like Phucka, Gol gappe, Pani Poori, Pani patasi are surely a must-have at the wedding. The spicy, tangy and sweet taste of the pani poori is a thing that your guests cannot afford to resist. Spice up the things at your wedding as host a pani poori competition at your wedding.

2. Chat

The aromatic flavour of the desi chat garnished fresh chutney and curd and packed with flavoursome spices surely can make your mouths to water. Right from mashed Aloo Tikki to deep-fried Papdi chat not forgetting the mandatory aloo chat the delectable taste of the chat is a thing that you cannot afford to miss.

3. Soups

One of tastiest and healthiest food option in a wedding menu is a bowl of soup. At your wedding, if you’re expecting a turnout of your heath freak friends then you surely need to have something for them. What’s better than serving them with fresh lip-smacking soup? Choose from a range of clear soup, tomato, mix vegetables, sweet corn, hot and sour soups to add to your wedding menu.

4. Masala Vadai

Delight your guests as you serve them with the tantalizing south Indian snack masala vadai. The snack is not just ideal for the starters but also is a perfect side dish for the main course.

5. Kebabs

A palatable starter snack that can be served in both veg and non-veg variant is surely a must-have at the wedding. The snack packed with a punch of veggies is extremely nutritious and healthy.

Main Course


Be it a north Indian or south Indian wedding, the food menu is surely incomplete without variants of rice. The wide range of pulav selection right from paneer palak pulav, corn and capsicum pulav, vegetable pulav serves as a treat for the taste buds. The finger-licking simple recipe goes well with the gravy and curry dishes.

2. Stuffed Vegetables

At the weddings that you would have attended, you must have gorged on mixed vegetables. Twist your wedding menu as you ditch the traditional mixed veg and replace it with stuffed vegetables such as stuffed bhindi, stuffed tomato. Stuffed vegetables are highly nutritious and palatable.

3. Tadka Dal

A north Indian or Punjabi wedding menu is incomplete without dal. The lentil stew packed with the goodness of spices serves as the perfect side dish for the rice and bread. Dal Tadka is an incredibly delicious Punjabi cuisine that is rich in flavours and works best with Indian breads.

4. Paneer Masala

Paneer Butter Masala, Matar paneer, Paneer Lababdar, Kadai Paneer are exquisite vegetarian gravy dishes that is extreme in flavour and comprises of heavenly taste.


1. Vegetable Salad

A vegetable salad serves as the perfect accompaniment to the main course.
2. Sprout Moong salad
Surprise your guests as you serve refreshing and tangy high on nutritional value sprout and moong salad at your wedding.


1. Gulab Jamun

The sweet delicacy is a must-have at the wedding. For those ardent guests having a sweet tooth, Gulab jamun is love. Right from stuffed gulab jamun to simple ones select the one that complements your wedding menu.

2. Falooda

An extremely sweet delight with a mixture of layers and jello stands as a favourite of the kids.

3. Ice cream

An all-time favourite of the kids and the adults, ice cream is a must-have at the weddings. You can opt for serving highly luscious sandwich ice cream or exquisite fried ice cream at your wedding.

So which cuisines are you serving at your wedding? Liked the post? Share with us about your thoughts on the post in the comments below.