Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a geek? We can label anyone who is well-versed with these topics of gaming as a geek. Or is there something else more fundamental that helps make this distinction? Geeks used to be the underdogs, the unpopular ones and the ones mocked and laughed at. But times have changed and nowadays geeks is chic and in.

Are you classic geek from birth , or are you just fitting in with the trend?

An enthusiast of a particular topic or field is a Geek. The present study sought to examine the extent to which the cultural portrayal of online gamers, often in comical, caricatured, or sensational forms, has transformed into sets of cognitive associations between the category and traits. Video Games are a part of life and whether or not you play them you are surrounded by them, soon enough all homes will have a game console in them, whether it be yours or your kid’s. For us, it’s never about the money, but it is about educating people about an important part of modern culture. The gaming bubble is coming and it is going to be big. I remember covering an indie game that tackled the beautiful relationship between a son and his parents. This is an industry that’s bubbling under the surface, and if it’s encouraged, it’ll be a solid new field in India.

Are you willing to stick to it till the end?

Being a fan to a specific OS, comic superhero, cosplay costume, sci-fi movie, programming language and others is one thing, while sticking to it no matter what happens is another. Geeks do both. This is what makes them so different, so special and perhaps so intimidating to ‘outsiders’. It involves emotions when it comes to their fandom. One is not a geek if he or she is knowledgeable about the subject but lacks the passion about it. A real geek is totally into it, intellectually and emotionally. This idea explains why geeks will stay true and loyal to their idolized OS or superhero till the end; they have grown emotionally (or even spiritually) attached to them. To speak ill of their passion is to speak ill of them. So if these traits describe you, then my friend, you are a geek. Take pride in being a geek because you are special.

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