We all know Mahatma Gandhi as the man who led our country to freedom. But we know little about some smaller and more astonishing facts about his life.

1. Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize 5 times

The committee regrets not giving him the Nobel Peace prize to this day as the award is never given posthumously.

2. M. K. Gandhi was responsible for the Civil Rights movement in 4 continents and 12 countries


3. The funeral procession of Mahatma Gandhi was 8 kilometers long

4. Great Britain, the country against whom he fought for independence, released a stamp honouring him, 21 years after his death


5. Mahatma Gandhi walked/traveled almost 18 kilometers a day throughout his lifetime which is enough to walk around the world twice over


6. Gandhiji served in the army during the Boer war – he crusaded against violence since the time he realized the horrors of war


7. Mahatma Gandhi corresponded with a lot of people – Tolstoy, Einstein and Hitler were among the many

8. Gandhiji was not present during Nehru’s tryst of destiny speech to celebrate independence


9. Most relics of Gandhiji including the clothes he wore when he was shot are still preserved in Gandhi Museum, Madurai


10. He never held an official position in any political body during the final years of his life


11. He was thinking of dissolving the Congress a day before he died


12. Steve Jobs was a fan of Mahatma Gandhi – his round glasses are not only similar but also a tribute


13. Gandhiji had a set of false teeth, which he carried in a fold of his loin cloth


14. Mahatma Gandhi spoke English with an Irish accent, for one of his first teachers was an Irishman


15. There are 53 major roads (excluding the smaller ones) in India, and 48 roads outside India that are named after him


16. Gandhiji helped establish 3 football clubs in Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg all of which were given the same name: Passive Resisters Soccer Club


17.Gandhi was a teenage newlywed.


18. Gandhi got his start as an activist in South Africa, not India.


19. Gandhi was murdered by a fellow Hindu.


20. Gandhi probably wouldn’t have been voted Most Likely to Succeed.