Gardening hacks

From beginner to master gardener there’s always something new and fun to discover about gardening. Not sure where to begin? If you’re a budding gardener then let us help you to grow your skills as well as your plants!
With our increasingly hot summers it has become more and more perennial to keep an eye on the water that gets used in the garden.images-2.jpeg
Here are some tips to make your brow sweat a tad less:
1. Improve your soil:
Improve soil by digging in lots of well-rotted manure or home-made compost every spring. The more organic matter it contains, the better it will retain moisture. If that sounds like hard work, simply spread a thick layer of compost across your border and let the worms pull it into the soil for you.

2. Collect rainwater whenever the rain Gods usher it down:
images.jpegWe all know about the environmental benefits of collecting rainwater, and wh
at’s interesting to note is of course it’s completely free! Site the water containers closer to the vegetable patch so that it’s handy to use. One can also collect grey water from the bath/shower to water the plants.

3. Water wisely:
What many people fail to realize is that the timing of watering the flora is extremelyimages-1.jpeg crucial. One should water in the morning before the heat of the day sets in. This is because an early water routine drastically reduces the water loss through evaporation, so that your plants relinquish in the benefits of the aftermath.


However, not all plants will need the same amount of water every day so you can afford to be selective. Your fruit and vegetable crops are worth the effort , but you lawns are surprisingly resilient so don’t worry if they turn brown. In fact if you let them grow a little longer, lawns can usually cope well without extra irrigation.