GOA a place of joy..! GOA is known for it’s beautiful places and beaches such as baga beach, Calangute beach and lots of clubs over there. The people always cherish those memories which they spend with their families and their friends. It is a place with peace, most of foreigners are also go over there to relax their summers on the beautiful beaches of GOA. GOA defines the beauty of India as a whole.people always get wonderful vibes over there, it is a land redefines holiday with it’s beaches and sienetic beauty.hundreds and thousands of foreigners are come to Goa to spend their holiday’s with mesmerizing breeze of nature. I have to say this that this is the place which is in each and every person’s bucket list that on someday he or she will come to goa and spend their time over there.it is one if the most top vacation spot in India,it can be like as our beach paradise.this is the best place for youngsters nowadays where the can go and enjoy the overnight parties on wonderful beaches their are lots of live music concerts are to be held over there such as sunburn a music festival where famous DJ’s over the world gathered there and play music for the crowd and people from India as well as from other countries also come over there.GOA is just like everything if they plan out for some fun and get relax in a peaceful way.This is the place which is come to every persons mind when they plan out for vacations,road trips, weekends etc.And most satisfied thing is their resorts are just so awesome,the person can just sit in a resort and take a view of beaches from their balconies or from their windows and the resorts are fully luxurious and not so high in price. I suggest that each and every person should go at once over there to get that vibes.

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