My favorite games of all time are raids or other multiplayer and team games, but lately I’ve been getting tired of playing the same two or three games I play every time. I love starting a brand new game, but it can be really hard to meet new players to play with and build a solid team from scratch.

I’ve just recently come across some new online game apps that are not only fun to play but make it really easy to meet other players and talk to them through the game. Now I’ve started to figure out what to look for when I’m choosing a new online game, so I can get the most out of it and not get bored or frustrated with it too easily.

Find online games to play with strangers

The first thing I look for when I want to start playing a new multiplayer game may seem a little obvious, but it’s still very important. The game has to be an online game. Most games you play on your phone already are, but there are still some that are intended to be played as more of a pass and play. There are also games with different levels of multiplayer and online functionality, so some of the game is solo adventure while only certain parts can be played as social games online. I tend to prefer games to play with strangers online that are more fully multiplayer, that way I can make new gaming friends and play with a variety of people. I also find it less frustrating to get through a difficult game if teamwork and collaboration is involved, so strangers can be a huge help in that regard too. It’s a good idea to make sure the game is a popular one too, so you have a large pool of players to work with.

Talk to other players with a chat feature

Another very important aspect of an online game is some sort of message center or chat box. Game apps with chat features are essential for actually getting to know the other gamers on a more personal level. It also helps with solving logistical problems like preparing for a team raid or a fight or just helping each other to get through a particularly tricky quest. It’s often hard to tell what games have good chat features before you start playing, but I did recently come across a pretty helpful list.

Best Competitive Games for Meeting New People

Since the games suggested are all iOS and Android games with chat functionality, it helped me find the exact kind of social games I was looking for, like Summoners War, which I’ve been obsessed with for the past week. I’ve found that the best chatting games are the ones that make communication a primary part of the game every step of the way, and any game that requires you to build a guild or a clan will have this built-in.

Make friends through social gaming

People always wonder, “Can you make friends on video games?” The answer is definitely yes, especially with online games. Live multiplayer video games and making friends go hand in hand. Once I’ve found some good online multiplayer games, I make sure to start making friends as soon as I log on for the first time. Not only does video games social interaction help you to find the best team right off the batt, but it can match you with some gaming buddies for other games as well. When I find other players that I have a particularly good vibe with, I make sure to get their handle on other social gaming networks so that we can keep in touch and go online together on other teams too.

It can seem daunting to meet new players on a new game, but once you go for it, you’ll be glad you did. I’ve already met so many gamers just in the last week that I’ve been on the hunt for new multiplayer games, and I’m sure I’ll be playing on other teams with them soon too. All you have to do is find the right game, and dive in.