Hamta Pass Trek is one of the most enjoyable trek if you like to be isolated from modern world.Few of my friends recently visited the place and I got the opportunity to share their experience here. They started their journey from Delhi to Manali and took the night halt to refill themselves with huge amount of energy for coming 5 days.They really didn’t knew that coming 5 days will be the most amazing days of their life.

Hamta pass 1They are five,Abhinandan,Ashu,Sumit ,Ankit and Shobhit who decided to have something adventures on their coming holidays which they have planned already.They started from Delhi and took the bus from Interstate Bus terminal Kashmiri Gate Delhi to Manali.They had booked the ticket in advance so the journey was not that bad which was suppose to be as Manali is more then 500 Kms Delhi and it takes about 15 to 18 hours by road.If then season is rainy this time can be extended to infinity due to the landslides.But they were lucky they reached there as per the plan and stayed at night to get them refilled.The visions of the morning were there in their mind,it was hard to sleep but they have to.The morning was full of amazingness.

Day 1:Drive from Manali to Jobri & Stay at jobri

Hamta pass 2Next morning they woke up early,their bag were packed as they did it last night after some modifications.They had lots of stuff with them.They knew they had to stay in camp and they have to cook themselves.All the things was in their bag packs and they left the hotel early.The destination was Jobri. Jobri is around 20 Kms away from Manali and can be reached by road so they hired a local taxi which was a part of the package which they booked to trek to Hamta pass.The driver was experienced and he dropped them to Jobri.

JobriThis was the place from where the trek should be started but before the beginning of the trek,the adventure started.They got stucked at Jobri.

Jobri2The Horses were missing.The vendor was late and these five spartans didn’t have any clue for further way.Horses were the main source of human traffic after Jobri till the end of the trek.

5And they have tons of luggage which includes as I told you,a camp,Stove to cook,fuel,sleeping bags,Maggie,Veggies and many more.So now they decide to stay the whole night in Jobri because they were sure that the horse vendor will come by the next morning.Now they have to find a place where they can put the camp and cook something because they were hungry as they have not eaten anything since morning.
8They found a place around 50 feets up hill,but it was a mess out there.They cleaned the place and constructed the camp.Now,food is the first thing they were looking for.They found a Dhaba nearby where they got few things to eat but half of the day was left,so they decided to cook the lunch.They cut the veggies,they cleaned the utensils,now they time was to lighten the stove.


A stove is a single burner cooking tool in which diesel and kerosene can be used as the fuel .These five belongs to modern India and they really didn’t knew how to lighten up the stove.They tried many time but they failed again and again.They asked the owner of the Dhaba to light the stove up but this guy was also clueless about the stove.

9So now the condition was that there was no fire.These beautiful minded people then collected dry hard sticks and burnt them with match box.So like this the lunch was done.After that they had 2-3 hours to had some rest and they did as well,in the evening when the owner of the Dhaba was leaving for home,he came up to them and told them about the Bears who general roams that place in dark in search of food and asked them to be extra careful in night.

10All five were yellow at that time,but they had to manage it.Every thing was fine inside the camp but when nature calls one has to come out of the camp.So happened that night, Abhinandan came out of the camp to finish the nature’s call and heard a sound of dry leaves,the nature’s call was away and he was inside the camp.


Thus Day 1 was ended.At day 1 they felt that the coming journey will not be easy.The stove is not Ok. There was no horse,bears all around.No one was able to sleep but next day was full of adventure and excitement.