2-1As you read on Hamta Pass Trek:Day 1 ,5 Guys left Delhi to Trek Hamta Pass.They reached Manali and had a night stay.Next morning they reached Jobri by road but its was a hard luck for them because there were no Horses for further journey and their Stove were not working,they cooked their food on a bonfire.They put their tent on a hilly surface and stayed in it for the whole night in the middle of bears.

2-2Next morning they woke up early because they were 1 day delay by their fellow group.The group was on “Chikka” when these guys were on Jobri due to the horses.As they woke up while Shobhit and Sumit were busy in making Tea ,Abhinandan went for his favorite thing ,photography.After finishing the tea and breakfast which was Maggie,they pack their tent houses and other accessories and packed all the necessary things on two different bags.At the same time the horses arrived and these guys were happy like anything.They load the horses and kept the two bags with them of necessary things .And then they left the place where they stayed on day 1.

2-3As they left,they were surrounded by green valley .The valley was untouched and clean.There were signs of human as they left their things after the camp.As they move forward they saw the gigantic rocks and stones on the bank of a river.They decided to take rest for a while because they were walking since morning.
2-6They move further but there was a big problem in front them.It was a river with chilled water .They didn’t even knew the depth of the river.But the had to cross the river to move further.This time they had to take a chance.Some how Sumit took a call and decided to go through the river.All fours took a deep breath when he was crossing the river.Suddenly he sank in the river to his chest but he was brave enough to handle the situation and found a way for rest for four to cross the river safely. They all were wet and they had to dry their clothes stay away from hypothermia as the surroundings where so chilling .So they had to stay for sometime to dry themselves.

2-5After this they move forward and saw a skull for a cow.They came to know that himalayan leopard killed it,it was a moment when all five was frightened ,but they have to move further.

2-7Its was about to sunset and these guys just about to reach Chikka.They need to walk faster to meet the group at Baloo ka Ghera.At Chikka they found a place where Tea ,omelette and Maggie was available to eat.But it was very expansive.Omelette was for 100 INR and Maggie was for 50 INR.

2-8They took a break and moved further after having some meal.Again there’s a river in front of them but this time they managed and cross the river without getting wet with they help of a wooden bridge which was made by them .Just before sunset they reached to Baloo Ka Ghera.

2-9Baloo ka ghera is place where camps by all the groups placed.So they found a place and make their tent.But the tension was again the cooking.

2-10Stove was not working and as the dark was fallen they don’t want to search dry woods to make bonfire.So they went to the fellow group kitchen and asked they to look at their Stove,and they found the expert.He fixed the stove and they were ready to cook.After finish the food they were inside the tent




2-11This is how the second day was ended.Next morning was more challanging as now they were about to reach Hamta pass.This path was much more difficult to trek.

Stay tuned to know the Story of Hamta pass trek:Day 3