Hamta Pass Trek

Hamta Pass TrekAs we read on Hamta Pass Trek:Day 1 and Hamta Pass Trek :Day 2 ,Five friends Abhinandan,Ashu,Sumit ,Ankit and Shobhit decided to have a adventure trek to Hamta Pass .Day 1 was pretty exciting and 2 was more.But Day 3 showed them the hell out the trek.Lets go ahead and feel their experience.

Hamta Pass TrekDay 3 early morning at 6:00 am they got the woke up alarm.They took time as they were tired of two days .Morning was nice,sunshine was sparkled on the peak of mountains that were all around them.The morning was pleasant but a bit chilling.So they decided to to cook the breakfast.This time stove worked and this was a good news to them.While they were having their breakfast clouds gathered around the mountains and Sun disappeared.They finished their breakfast and pack their bags to move further.Today was the day when they were reaching to their destination”The Hamta Pass”.

Hamta Pass TrekAs they left with the group again there was a huge river in front of them,and the water was so chilling that some of members of the fellow group was fainted crossing it.These guys were sitting on the bank of the river and watching the fellow group crossing the river.They had nothing to get support while crossing the river.So they folded their pants and hold the hands of each other.They knew the path of crossing as the fellow group just crossed the river.Crossing this river gave them a feeling of chilling arrows penetrated inside their bodies.The feeling was horrible.

img_6611Suddenly the Sun came out from the cloud from somewhere and its was a feeling of relax.The took rest for a while and decided to move further.While walking they build up the heat and the chill feeling went off. They were moving forward with the fellow group to Hamta Pass but the fellow group stopped to wait for some of the members but these five brave hearts continued their journey towards Hamta Pass.


Hamta Pass TrekAs they move further,they found they were gathered from fog all around and they took a path which was going to nowhere.It was assumed that within 2 hours they will reach to Hamta Pass,but as soon as they came to know that they were nowhere its was already 3 hours of walking.

Hamta Pass TrekThey were walking on 1 feet wide foot way on the peak of a mountain and both side they had the deep valleys.Its had an awesome view but they were the situation that if they didn’t got any solution they had spent their night on that peak without tent.Moving further the foot way ended and a huge valley was in front of them.It was a dead end.Soon the sun was about to set and they had to find a way out.So one brave guy Sumeet stood up and decided to go back and look for a way which can be a life saver to them.He went to the another mountain by sliding on the rocks steep on 45 degrees to almost 50 meters down and then a climbing of around 100 meters at 60 degrees.

img_6635There he found a man and he told him the way to Hamta Pass .He came back through the same way and took other four with him.They didn’t have even a single stick to get support but as they follow the route which was taken by Sumeet.

Hamta Pass TrekSome how they manage to cross the path and they walking for 30 mins they reached Hamta Pass. All hard work was materialize when they reach to Hamta Pass. Hamta Pass is a passage to Spiti Valley from Himachal.

Hamta Pass TrekNow Its time to get to the place where the camp was “Sia Goru”.Sia Goru is a place where they were supposed to have the night stay.From the height of Hamta Pass they saw Sia Goru but it was an hour away walking through the rocks and the passage was declined now.Suddenly happened the worst.The rainfall started.There was mud,rocks,deep puddles and of course its was chilling.These guys were not prepared of the rainfall.

Hamta Pass TrekThey were not having rain coats or any other way to save them selves by the rain.They were not able to run because if they slipped,they would fall deep in the valley.They didn’t even had a stick to support them selves.They had only support of their shoes which they bought from Delhi,the brand was “Quechua” Eventually the saw a small cave and they decided to stop there to save themselves.

Hamta Pass TrekIt was about to dark and they still had almost 30 minutes of walk.Some how they managed up to Sia Goru.It was surrounded by mountains capped with snows.

Hamta Pass TrekThe chilled wind was blowing and these guys were sweated inside.It was the time to change the cloth to save them selves by fever and hypothermia. It was -3 ° C there.They cooked there dinner and it was 8:00 in the evening.They kept them selves inside their sleeping bags.It was a time when they had to keep their water bottles inside the sleeping bags and their batteries of mobile phones.They couldn’t even drink so much of water to avoid the nature’s call.

Hamta Pass TrekAgain this time our photographer Abhinandan faced the same as he faced on the First day.He got the call of nature.He came out from the sleeping bag.Opened the tent it was horribly dark and horribly chilling.He took a knife with him an a torch.The wind was blowing and creating a terrifying sound,the sound was so loud that he couldn’t even heard his voice.But he was there to feel that experience and he actually felt the thrill.He came back to the tent and packed himself inside his sleeping bag. Whole night experience was soul chilling and full of excitement.

This was Hamta Pass Trek day 3.These guys are really brave and had seen such situations when they were about to lost their lives.I tried to write with the same feeling as it was told to me.But things were more worst and terrified .This is adventure,when you know that the things are worst and still you want to face them to see how worst they are and suddenly you feel that you have gone through the situation and you are alive.It was a deep feeling of satisfaction to them.Next morning they had something which  was much more exciting to them to achieve.

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