Hamta Pass Trek


Hamta Pass TrekSo after reading the story of Hamta pass trek: Day 1,Day 2 and Day 3,it’s the time to tell you the story of Day 4.After the excitement of day 3 they had the cold night sleep.Let’s see what was the experience of Day 4

Hamta Pass Trek:Day 4,Siya Goru to Chatru

Hamta Pass TrekNext morning,they were inside the tent till the time it was bright outside.When they came outside it was a magnificent view,they were surrounded with mountains capped with snow.The tent was on the shore of a river so the sound of that river was creating an enjoyable music.The temperature was -6 degrees so it was freezing out there.It was so chilling that their tent had collected ice on it.With all of these,the air was so pure that they can feel the purity inside their lungs.This was Siya Goru in the morning.Next destination was Chatru which was only 4~5 hours away so they decided to leave the place as they had to end up the trek next day and they had not enough time.They packed their bags and left the place after they had some breakfast.They had plans to shoot with their camera of the place as last 2 days was so harsh so they were not able to take photograph.

Hamta Pass TrekIts was a bright sunny day and the Sun was above them but the chilling winds freezing them from inside.They walked for an hour and decide to had some photo shoot of nature and of them as well.The place was so quite,they rested for a very short time and felt the nature.This was a moment that will be cherished life long.They moved further after this.

5After walking of 3 hours when Chatru was just 1 hour away they again stopped and this time they took this break for a long time.It was mid day and they had enough time to spend.

Hamta Pass TrekHamta Pass TrekAbhinandan and Sumit started shooting the Nature and of them selves .They spent hours doing this and filled their Cameras to Share the memories.

Hamta Pass TrekMoving further,they saw narrow road on a mountain which was at some distance and saw a vehicle after 3 days.It was a road which connects Manali to Kaza and Chandratal,Chandratak was the next destination by the way. Chatru was visible from there but still they had to walk alot to Chatru. They crossed wide fields and abandoned bridge and they reached to their destination.

Hamta Pass TrekReaching Chatru was a relief as they are now back to a place where they can see other people.They found a Dhaba where they had a nice lunch a long time.It was a smile of satisfaction of their Stomach.After lunch they setup the tent and now it was the time to had some rest. Ashu and Ankit went to  the telephone booth which was nearby by the road but nearer through the mountain.So they went to the booth through the mountain and made calls to friends and family.

Hamta Pass TrekTill the time they were back rest had done with the camp.The Sun was about to set and they had a long day walking.They set togather and talked about days of their trek.The had such a clear sky as they can see it filled with stars.I was an awesome relaxed night.

Next day was much more exciting which we will ready on the of Hamta pass Trek :Day 5 “The Final Day”

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