After Hamta Pass Trek:Day 4,Our five trekkers Abhinandan,Ashu,Sumit ,Ankit and Shobhit went to sleep inside their tent,their eyes were full of excitement because next morning they were going to “Chandratal” and that was the final day of their trek,Its was Hamta Pass Trek :Day 5.Let see how was their day.

Its was early morning when they woke up and what a morning that was.The Sun was shining and the sunlight was spreaded all over the mountains around them.It was the view which they were not able to for the rest for their life when they leave the place Chatru but they had to.

ChandratalSo they were ready to leave that place.They had their breakfast and packed the tent and bags and moved further.On Hamta pass trek day 5 they had a tough day to reach the lake “Chandratal”.This day was not  in their planned trekking.Hence they extended a day and the budget.They had booked a Taxi already for Chandratal  but they were not evening knowing that the taxi will reach that place on time or not.So they were waiting for the taxi and they saw a known faced driver.This was the guy who dropped them to Jobri on Hamta Pass Trek Day 1.They loaded the car with their luggage,tents and other accessories .

ChandratalThey way to Chandratak was a extreme .It was bumpy and hard to drive.It was not actually a constructed road but a road which was self made and it was as backbone breaking as their trekking was.They were heading upside to the mountain and eventually they realize that the view from their car was changed beautifully. It was a feeling of flying between sky and the land. In the sky they were only able to see the mountains and on land they were able to see the river only.Many waterfalls they saw in their way and it was due to the snow which was melting from the glaciers.

ChandratalAlmost 2 hours of drive they reached a village named “Batal”.There they had Lunch .They saw many bike rider with a Go Pro in their Helmets riding through that village.

ChandratalAfter having their lunch they moved further for approximate 1 hour when they parked the car.From there they had to take a walk for 20 minutes.It was an high altitude so they density of Oxygen was low.It was already warned them by the driver as well so they were conscious enough about it.

ChandratalFinally they reached the place and the first word from their mouth was “beautiful”.It was like  every see in pictures with added special effects but that was real right just in front of them.They were excited and happy as well to see such a beautiful place.The place was so silent that they could even heard the voice of wind which blowing around.

ChandratalAfter seeing such a beautiful place who were able to stop our young photographer Abhinandan.He took out his DSLR and started shooting the place.All others were resting and enjoying the scene but he was hopping here and there to have some perfect shots to show the world. Then came the lion hearts Sumit and Shobhit who took bath in that Ice chilling water just to feel it.They came out from the lake with shivering but Sun was there to give sufficient amount of heat  to them .They had to leave early as it was a hilly non constructed road and Manali was 140 Kms which was their home destination of this trek.It took them 6 hours to reach Manali to their hotel .


This was the thrilling and exciting story of 5 guys who left from Delhi to Manali and Manali to their 5 day trek to Hamta Pass.

I will also write about the things which they took  care during their trek,about their gears,the things they took with them and do’s and don’t’s .It will give you guys an idea that before planning for a trek,what things you should keep in your mind so that you can have your trek with any hurdle.

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