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Our health is our only asset that is something which can be relied upon. We make it or break it and it can’t be taken away from us. We don’t have the Government simages-8.jpegitting at the top of our heads to pay taxes on it or any other excruciating expenses and believe it or not it’s very simple to have a simple, healthy, fit lifestyle.

For a lot of people, the word “Health” is just a word that they must have read in primary school or heard seriously, during some physical education sessions. And you really cannot blame them for neglecting this word and in the abeyance of its importance. By the coming days, our lives will be so fast and time consuming that we will slowly and slowly succumb into popping pills by the time we all hit 40!

Our fitness is not only enrapt in those fancy gyms. I believe, it is a 3 folded procedure, to have a healthy lifestyle which are as follows- Our thoughts, Our words, Our actions.

What people tend to forget is that health is not always physical. Our mental health adds up to the most of our well being.

We all stay so clustered in our heads that our minds are always occupied by futile thoughts and meaningless situations. The temptations and the distractions also do not help to make it any better if not worse. So the key to have a healthy lifestyle is to change our thought process. We need to find solutions, not reroute. Meditations, chanting, correct breathing, all of this is imperative to lead a healthy life. Only if our mental health is on the right track, we can inculcate all of that energy into our actions. The phrase “actions speak louder than words” is on the mouth on literally everyone’s mouth. But only if we are at mental peace, our actions will definitely speak louder than words! So if our mental health is trailblazing, our thoughts will be positive.

Our diet needs to be correct as well, we need to be very careful on the intakes. Fruits need to be consumed regularly and oily food should be avoided. If our digestion is not proper, then it’s just not it. When our mind and our words come in sync, it’s a beautiful combination. Our physical health adds up to it on a large scale. So we need to eat right and speak well.

And lastly, our actions. When our mind and words are in an alluring combination, our actions are automatically prepossessing. It is like a symbiotic relationship and when all this happens, we realise, WE are healthy people. So it’s not always about hitting the gym and lifting weights or forming bulging muscles because common let’s face it, our tailoring bills will be never ending  in that case!images.png