When we hear the word healthy suddenly what comes to our mind? Oh, we should eat vegetables and fruits which is boring. This thought especially comes to children. Children and even many adults like to eat something crispy and tasty always. We should start our day with an energetic mindset and breakfast is of utmost importance. So breakfast that we eat should be according to our will and wish. Anything that we eat should not be forced by anyone and have it difficultly. So here I am going to discuss two ways of breakfast, one is for the people who like fruits which are healthy and the other is something crispy and tasty and even nutritious.

So nowadays everyone is busy and in hurry to go to their work and gives less importance to their breakfast and just drinks a cup of coffee and even doesn’t have time to do. So here for this kind of people I have mentioned an URL link which is about healthy breakfast and anybody can do it easily within 5 minutes.


Kids always like to eat something that is delicious and colourful. They don’t know whether it is healthy or not. So, we should always try to give them a healthy and colourful breakfast. So here I have mentioned few links where we can learn how to make an easy breakfast for kids  which they would love to eat.




Apart from these healthy breakfast there are many smoothies,  juices, and even one can opt green tea or lemon tea instead of a cup of coffee to make mind fresh and green tea is the best because it contains antioxidants and has less calories and caffeine.

So never ever skip breakfast because it causes health effects in future. Always start a day with healthy breakfast and be positive to reach your goal the entire day and always remember the proverb “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.