Healthy breakfast recipes :
The morning breakfast you choose should be convenient and energy packed ,but also full of the essential ingredients at the same time to pump your activities at work or at home.
The following article will guide to fill your kitchen with efficient choices for your morning meals.
The first meal of the day should provide you withimages-1.jpeg healthy carbohydrates for energy, fibre to help you feel full, proteins to provide muscle growth and maintenance, and healthy fats for satiety. A generally prepared meal with eggs, baked beans, bacon and toasts can easily top up to 500 calorie. On the other hand healthy breakfast like oatmeal’s, whole grain cereals, avocado toasts can be very high in calories. To aid in weight loss these calories must be kept in moderate by getting into account a balanced diet or a flexible diet as per the user’s intake goals.
Healthy breakfast foods:images.png
The following selections are full of protein and high fibres, but relatively low in fats, refined sugar and calories. These foods help overcome late morning cravings, prevent mindless eating and improve portion control throughout the day.
Egg whites
Whole grain bread
Skim milk
Bananas apples
With the following ingredients you can prepare a nutritious breakfast that take only 5- 10 minutes to prepare each morning.
Avoid breakfast foods that include a high calorie low nutrition like:
Sugary cereals
Unknown.jpegBreakfast bars
E.g. Recipe:Banana oats pancake
1 large banana
2 whole eggs
40 grams of oats
1 table spoon chia seeds
Mash the banana, add eggs ,oats and chia seeds to it. Heat the pan with butter added to it. Add the mixture in small batches. Serves for one person. And there you have it, your delectable, healthy breakfast.