India,a country with thousands of places where every traveler desperately wants to visit.From Kashmir in North to Kanyakumari in South,from Bihar to Kerala  and Tamilnadu to Rajasthan,colours of diversity have been spreaded all over.But sometimes the budget comes between them.Many times a traveler don’t visit a place due to their budget is less.So today I will tell you about some place where you can visit in just 5000 INR this holiday season.

  1. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur Golden Triangle

If you are in Delhi and want your holidays to be converted in a round trip then Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Delhi will be the best way to do that.From Delhi you can find a bus from Interstate bus terminal to Agra which will cost you around 400 INR per person.It will take around 5~6 hours to reach Agra.In Agra the first thing is to visit the Taj Mahal .Reaching the Taj Mahal will cost you around 150 INR for 5 persons.The tickets for Taj Mahal cost you 40 INR per person.You can spent 3~4 hours at Taj Mahal.Visiting Taj Mahal will be much better in winters as the stone gets much hotter in summers and its very hard to spent time there.After visiting Taj Mahal you will be very exhausted and you should have a rest for the journey in evening.If you have enough energy,you can go to the red fort.At red fort will take around 2~3 hours to see at a very minimal cost.You can have a hotel for 2~3 hours to refresh your self which will cost you around 500 INR for 2 persons.In evening you can a bus to Jaipur which will cost you around 300~500 INR.You will reach Jaipur by morning.Book a room first to keep your luggage so that you can roam freely you can find many hotels at low cost  at Sindhi Camp.Whole day you can be spent visiting many places at Jaipur.Find places to visit in Jaipur here.Jaipur can be done in one or two days,depending how much energy you save for your journey.The cost of stay and visiting places in Jaipur will cost you around 2000 INR per person.After one or two days,you can have a bus again to Delhi which will cost you around 300~400 INR. So this complete trip is done within 3500 INR for at least 2 persons.


Delhi is full of happening places every where.Delhi have every type of place depending on your mood.If you are a nature lover you have National Zoological Park,if you are a shopping freak you have hundreds of Malls and local market places where you can buy good stuffs at a very low cost.Staying in Delhi is also very low in cost. Pahad Ganj is place where you can find a hotel matching your budget.You cannot visit every place of Delhi in just one day.You need atleast 3~4 days to feel Delhi.So roaming,staying and food in Delhi will cost you around 4000 INR for 2 persons.See places to visit in Delhi here.


Udaipur is a beautiful city of Rajasthan. At this place you will find a huge amount of lakes,palaces and gardens .You can find buses and trains from Jaipur to Udaipur which will cost you around 500 INR to reach Udaipur. Udaipur is a place which can be visited in one day so I suggest to keep your luggage at minimum or find a locker which is available at many places in Udaipur. After putting your luggage at a safe place you are free to roam.Find places to visit in Udaipur here.The cost of visiting Udaipur is around 3000 INR for 2 persons.

4.Ranthambhore National Park

Ranthambhore National Park is beautiful and best place to see tigers in Rajasthan.Located in Sawai Madhopur area and just 10 Kms away from the town,can be reached by train from Jaipur and Delhi.You can find hotels nearby the booking office and Taxi hub.Ranthambhore National park is places which can be visit in 1 day but in evening you may not be able to leave the place.The rooms are at very low cost so this visit is much lower in term of cost at just 2000 INR for 2 persons.

5.Alwar and Bhangarh Fort

Alwar is just 150 kms away from Delhi and can be reached by Buses and trains at a cost of just 200 INR.It takes around 3~4 hours to reach Alwar from Delhi.Alwar is place which is said to be the oldest kingdom of Rajasthan.Alwar can be visited in 5~6 hours.If you are reaching Alwar in morning then it will be better because you can visit Bhangarh fort at the same day.Reaching Alwar by bus or train you can hire a taxi to Bhangarh fort that will cost you around 1000 INR at Bhangarh fort you can spent 2~3 hours,Bhangarh fort is said to haunted at night hence should be visited before the sunset.While returning from Bhangarh fort you can have a Hotel in Alwar or All time bus service is available if you would like to go further.Buses for Jaipur,Ajmer and other places in Rajasthan is available from Alwar.The cost to visit Alwar and Bhangarh fort is around 3000 INR