Your rating is very important which you are writing your answers / questions on Huntsends Community . Below are some suggestions by which you can increase your rating more rapidly

Rating is automated algorithm which calculates all above points and decides your stars. It can vary time to time depending on the quality of your answers and your engagement with the community. So make sure to get higher ratings you keep all below mentioned points in your mind.

  1. Your questions must be trendy and logical. More answers to your questions more points to your rating.See How to ask questions on huntsends Community , You can share your questions with your friends and ask them to answer the questions.
  2. Your answers should be descriptive. One liner answers will be deleted sooner or later so write Minimum 100 words in your answers
  3. Use of internal URL. Using internal URL will also increase your rating rapidly
  4. Getting upvotes on your answers. Write your answer so beautiful so that people give an upvote to you answers. You can even ask your friends to upvote it. ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. Keep your profile neat and clean. No spammy questions or answers, no abusive language , respect to females (and males) .
  6. You can ask political questions but our quality team have full authority to delete your answers if they find anything sensitive to society and can cause any problem to this community.