The human body has its own mechanism to fix problems, which is proved very well by the HCG hormone. The splendid application of the extract of HCG in the form of drops, creams, tablets and shots have induced excellent and healthy weight loss in many, and continues to become one of the best, tested and proven weight loss methods. This is 100 percent natural, and a totally organic therapy towardsweight loss.

The source of HCG

The best thing to say about HCG is that its sourceis completely natural, and very much the human body. HCG is the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This is released by the placenta of a pregnant woman during the first three months of her pregnancy. After this period, the production of HCG gradually diminishes.

How HCG induces weight loss

HCG has been proven to be tremendously beneficial in the segment of weight loss. It has happened after some tests were carried on this hormone. It was found that it increases the rate of metabolism in the body to great levels, which induces fat breakdown and meltdown. This not just reduces fat from the body, but also provides the body with lots of energy received from the burning of the fat cells. That’s why during the intake of HCG drops, one should stay on a strict low calorie diet, so that the body gets its energy from the fat breakdown mostly.The best part of the HCG drops use is that, the body loses weight through only fat burning, andno muscle is lost during the process.

Is it healthy to lose weight with HCG?

It is absolutely healthy to lose weight using the HCG weight loss drops. WEIGHT LOSS DROPS – KNOW ABOUT HCG Liquid Drops:

HCG comes from a natural source which is the human body, and is therefore 100% organic.
The HCG drops are side effect free. No negative side effects on their use has apparently been reported.
The weight lost is only through fat burning and no muscle is lost.
The amount or dosage of drops and their frequency can be adjusted as per the body weight and requirement of the individual. Hence the weight loss program with the HCG drops is customizable and can be tailor made to fit your body type and lifestyle.
The therapy is pain free.
Besides, the HCG drops are much more affordable options in HCG therapy.

How to take HCG drops for weight loss?

To induce weight loss you will have to take the HCG drops in your mouth under the tongue, and keep it under the tongue for some time. The longer amount of time you retain the drops under tongue thebetter. The recommended time length is 5 to 15 minutes. But it’s said that the longer thebetter. The HCG in the drops get absorbed in the body through the tongue. That’s why this process is essential in the absorption of the hormone to induce weight loss.Weight loss through HCG therapy is completely natural, safe, and side effect free.