How to Choose Hair Straighteners – Tips & Tricks

In the world of beauty accessories, straighteners are essential. But faced with the panoply of models available on the market, choosing the one that fits your needs, your budget and your hair nature are more difficult than expected. 

Above all, it seems important to enlighten you on the different types of hair straighteners in the market. Here before buying anything online, you also need to make sure to check the buyers trend of the market that what exactly people are buying from the market. This will allow you to stay in trends as well as you will be able to see more available options in the market. Check below the types of models you need to remember before choosing any hair straighteners. 

Common Hair Straightener Models

  • Ceramic Straighteners 

These models are the first straighteners to have appeared on the market. With fast and stable heating, they are an ideal choice. However, be sure not to take a device with ceramic-coated aluminum plates (which will be of lower quality).

  • Tourmaline Straighteners

Based on a gemstone scattered on the ceramic plates, this addition makes the heat on the plates is distributed more evenly, making them more able to maintain the necessary hydration of the hair. These devices are effective even at low temperatures. 

  • Titanium straighteners 

More recently arrived on the market, they are the safest metal plates: they distribute the heat very well without burning your hair. On the other hand, there are hair types that do not support metal plates so make sure this model is right for you.

  • Wet and Dry straighteners

As indicated in their name, these straighteners are used on wet hair. These are usually quality products, which do a good job on dry hair. The problem is that they tend to further damage the hair. They are not to be preferred. 

  • Steam Straighteners 

Since the success famous SteamPod model, now people consider steam straighteners as well. Less manageable and ergonomic, provide better care for the hair and less damage the hair fiber. Now day’s people are so conscious about hair care products and other extensions. 

How to Choose Hair Straighteners

There are many options to consider when it comes to buying a good straightener. Here are some points that allowed us to decide between the thirty models we have pre-selected according to their popularity, user reviews and reference blogs in the field of beauty:

  • The size of the plates

This criterion must be taken into account according to the length and the texture of your hair. While mid-long or long hair will need wide plates (even XXL), short hair will be better smoothed by a model with narrow plates, type mini straightener.

  • The heating time

The smoothing already takes a certain time; the fast heating time will be appreciated. It is also important that the temperature is well maintained during use. Currently, it is rare to find models that take more than 2 minutes to heat up. 

  • The heating temperature

Wrongly, many of you are looking for straighteners that can be set at very high temperatures. However, the most important is not to reach records is that the temperature is adjustable (to be adapted to the nature of your hair, high temperature for frizzy hair and low temperature for fine hair). A straightener ranging from 140 ° to 210 ° is ideal. Beyond that, it will spoil your hair too much. 

  • Protection technology

Enriched with keratin or with ionic properties, most models offer various technologies to protect your hair. The vapor straightener will protect your hair by moistening your hair during the passage of the plates

  • Features

To make your use more enjoyable, some models have interesting features such as a digital display, integrated combs (but I do not appreciate too much), a function of automatic shutdown (practical and safe), or an international voltage (ideal if you travel often).

We were then interested in the ergonomics and the handling of the device. At the cable, it must be long enough not to interfere during smoothing. Some even offer rotating or retractable cords. There are also wireless models, but we do not recommend them. Generally, they are rather appliances of supplements, to take away on vacation. 

The transportability of the straightener has also been taken into account. It is an accessory that needs to be easily carried away. Finally, the quality/price ratio and their look are the last criteria that allowed us to decide.