In this review we will look at hPage, one of the emerging website builders available for creating a website. This article will give you an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this site builder and if it will be the right online tool for your projects and other endeavors.

Here are the things we will cover in this article:

What is hPage?
What functionalities and features do hPage have?
Can I use hPage for free?
Is hPage good for blogging, promoting my business, or for personal projects?

These questions will be answered as you read.

What is hPage? is a website builder where you can build a professional website whether it be for your business, service, products, blog, and other projects. Like many other website builders, hPage lets you create and customize your own website even without coding knowledge or technical experience.

Since 2008, hPage users have made over 2 million websites. This longevity in the website development industry means that long-term security is available on hPage where you can grow your website and keep building your audience through the years.

Does hPage have the functionality I need for the website I want to create?

You can create a website on hPage through their simple Editor feature and content management systems.

An hPage website can be used for the following:
Hosting a membership only website
Building a website for promoting offline or online businesses
Booking appointments
Marketing services
Collecting contact details and other information
Sales page
And many more projects….

Depending on your website needs, you will need more features. Some of these features which you might need for your site are paid for which is why we will now talk about the price plans for hPage.

Pricing – Can I create a website for free on hPage?

There are only two plans available for choosing when you try out the hPage website builder- the first is a free plan and the second is the paid plan which only costs about 4.99 Euros a month or roughly about 5 USD only.

Let’s talk about the free plan first. The free plan is ideal if you just want to be visible online and establish an online presence. It is also great if you are looking for a minimal effort for creating your website or you just want a site that serves a temporary objective.

For example, you want to create a website for an event such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or fundraiser, then you can use the free plan for that. The free plan gives you the basic features you need for a website such as a hosting service, limited storage space, and limited bandwidth.

If you plan to have a website that is more professional in nature, you will have to get the paid plan which offers more features for business and other premium offers.

hPage Free Plan
As mentioned earlier,’s free plan gives a user the basic features needed in website creation. That includes the following:
Basic website templates
300 MB Storage Space
Limited business features
If you want to start out and check out the dashboard first, you can opt for a free plan. No need to input any payment details unless you want to upgrade to a premium plan later.

hPage Paid Plan’s paid plan only costs 4.99 Euros which is considered very cheap and affordable relative to other website building competitors and other website hosts. It can get you these following site benefits and more:
5 GB Storage Space
All Website Templates Available
Professional Top-Level Domain (.com or others)
No Advertisements
Custom email address (up to 5)
Improved Visitor Statistics and Analytics
All Features Available such as:
Page Backups & Restore
Member Area
Password Protection
Premium Customer Support
hPage Website Templates

All of the website templates available on are free to use. If you avail the paid website plan, premium websites will automatically be available to choose from and they are free as well. No hidden charges added.

hPage has over 300 templates to choose from (both basic and premium templates included) so there is bound to be a design fit for your niche. However, what they gained in quantity seems to lack for quality. While the website themes are already mobile optimized, HTML friendly, and good for SEO, the website designs seem to be outdated and stuck in 2012 compared to its other contemporaries.

In a query with hPage, they said they will update their website templates soon. So let’s hope for that!
Content management for web pages
Adding and managing web pages are relatively very easy thanks to hPage’s Page Editor. The Page Editor is an easy-to-use tool when it comes to creating your web pages and editing them. You only need basic computer skills to use it. Think of it as something similar to a Microsoft Word Editor where you can type out rich-text and add images, videos, and other features on the editor itself. The Page Editor will then convert it automatically to HTML so the web pages can be viewed on the website.
hPage has built-in widgets and plugins which they call “addons” that are available for choosing on their platform. You can put up these addons any time on your web pages. These addons are all made by hPage and you can guarantee its effectiveness and functionality.

A good thing about these built-in addons is that you can put them up any time on your web pages with zero additional fees. Of course, a premium plan can give you all addons available for your website while a free plan only has a limited number of addons that can be used.

With a premium plan, the full list of addons you can get the following features for your website:
Visitor Statistics
Contact Form
E-Mail Addresses
Link List
Member Area
Password Protection
Audit Log

Unfortunately, you cannot install third party applications or widgets to your website as of the moment. Which means all features you must use should be from hPage. It can get a bit limiting if you are looking for something else but the features that they currently offer are more than enough for the basics.