Tour operators are the ultimate users of Instagram. Therefore, they need a strategy that will resonate with their public. Not all Instagram users are converted into followers. That is why tour operators tend to get more followers than competitors. How to achieve it? Here’s the plan.

Be More Active

The public that gathers around your Instagram profile is the group of people who want to see relevant content. Besides relevant content, you must give your audience a constant stream of content. This means you should post new content at least 4 times a week. The right timing always correlates with the public.

Some tour operators use the power of hashtags to promote their brand. One example is Tourism Australia.
In this case, we can see how more than 3 million followers create the content for the page. From coastal areas to the mountain reefs, users travel all around Australia and capture the right moments.

Sometimes, it is all about the small detail that makes a difference.
Going deeper and thinking better is what most brands resonate with. In the case of orientation, the brands want to differentiate themselves. Tour operators all around the globe use the same strategy. They want to think in a unique way, which is always a certain way to build success.

Combine Different Channels

Instagram is not the only platform you should build a presence on. Other sources like blogs and link-building articles will also make a difference. Online solutions are manageable in a way you cannot imagine. Creating your tour operator business is easier when you know the practical side of the channels. Combining all of them will certainly bring results.

To reach your audience on all levels, you must combine online and offline presence. Your tour operating guides are the best promoters of your business. Instagram is only a consequence of your offline activities. People who are satisfied with your tours will be more motivated to share the content on Instagram.

Maintain Your Presence

One more segment is important. It is creating leverage groups. Instagram is ideal to connect with other Instagram brands that are similar to yours. Tour operators can connect on many levels. If you are one of those Instagram users that need support, it is easy to use the help of people who are gathering around your Instagram account.

One of the best methods is to use hashtags. Instagram hashtags are reliable, effective and promotional solutions for creating a better presence on Instagram. This way, you can:

Share your content more effectively
Create unique hashtags for building larger audience groups
Maximize your Instagram potential when it comes to the size of your account
If you want to achieve all of these benefits, it is good to use the tools like Hashtags For Likes. With this kind of tool, you can reach the audience more powerfully. Hashtags are and will remain the methods to gain better results when it comes to recognition and monetization of your tour operating business.