One of the most common health goals for people is to lose weight. Almost every other person can be seen putting some efforts in doing so. However, many are still unable to. Especially, the people who are not willing to exercise much, find it very hard to maintain a healthy weight, let
alone lose some of it. Dieting is one method which may help you lose some extra kilos from your body.

Here are some tips if you wish to try out a low-carb diet in order to lose weight. The key is to abide by the diet, otherwise, you may end up reversing all the benefits of a low-carb diet.

The Basic Principle Of A Low-Carb Diet:

A low-carb diet puts your body in fat-burning mode. When your glycogen reserves have been
burnt, your body switches to burning fat after the exercise duration. There are certain things to
follow along with the diet:
● Keep the carbs intake low.
● Fat intake to be kept high
● Avoid snacking much
● Engage in some exercise

Low-Carb Diet Is Considered Helpful Because:

● It keeps the blood sugar levels in control.
● It helps in losing weight.
● It helps in reducing hunger pangs.
● It facilitates Ketosis ( the process by which the body’s fat is broken down ).
● It reduces the body’s insulin resistance.
● It lowers the risk of severe hypoglycemia (having low blood glucose levels).

What Helps In Achieving Weight-Loss?

A high-carb diet triggers a chain of events as you have seen above. The key step in the same is to keep the daily insulin levels low and in control, when it comes to losing weight. A low-carb diet is the most effective in doing so.

Note: one important thing to note is that you may end up gaining weight even with a low-carb diet if the CALORIES consumed are too much. Low-carb does not necessarily mean low-calorie. This mistake can be avoided easily by following certain steps persistently. As of now, you can
epitomize the principle as maintaining a balance between low-carbs and high-protein in order to
see the effects of a low- carb diet. It should not be overloaded with just protein-based food items, but also contain a variety.


1. Variety of Vegetables:

As the diet involves very little grain, there is a lot of room for larger portions of vegetables. Since
the diet has to be ketogenic in nature ( fat burning ), it is better to go for non-starchy and leafy vegetables. Also, you need to be careful while cooking your greens.

2. Healthy Fats:

Since the diet is supposed to be high in fats (only healthy fats), you need to include natural sources of it, as much as you can. Go for Avocados, Oily fish, Coconut-based food, Olives, MCT oils, Dairy products, etc. the diet should NOT include any source of unhealthy fatty acids because they are also rich in carbohydrates. Food items like Pies, Chips, Sausages, etc. fall in this category.

3. Moderate Protein:

In the form of fish, meat, eggs, legumes, lentils, etc. proteins should be taken. These food items
also contain moderate amounts of fats. However, it is important to note that legumes, beans,and lentils also contain carbohydrates, so keep a track of how much of these you consume.

4. Avoid Starch And Sugar:

On a low-carb diet, you would want to skip on eating sugary and starchy food. However, if you are not on a very strict one, you may afford to steal small portions of it and much on some cocoa-rich dark chocolate, if you have a sweet tooth.

5. Fewer Fruits And Processed Food:

Even if you are on a lesser serious low-carb diet, you should refrain yourself from eating much of the processed food as well as fruits. Fruits should be avoided to reduce the
carbohydrate intake, while processed food should be excluded as they are ‘energy dense’ and ‘nutrient poor’.
If you’re unable to settle for a good diet plan, you can try out the diet food plan for weight loss.

If you are able to follow such a diet, losing weight becomes all the way easier using a low-carb diet. But, it is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of mistakes which you may make and drive all your diet in vain.


1. Not Getting A Good Amount Of Sleep:

This is something which is usually taken for granted but is very essential to recharge and heal the body.

2. Taking Too Much Protein:

Too much protein intake can trigger the liver to produce more glucose (through the process of
gluconeogenesis). More glucose means more sugar levels in the blood, consequently, the more they need for insulin. You can go for some fat burning shakes for weight loss –

Dybesweet Rose

Sabja, which is moderately rich in proteins and low in calories.

3. Treat/Cheat Days:

Treats are fine only when they last for just a meal or for once. Keeping full days to treat yourself will do more harm than the benefits received from dieting in the previous days.

4. Snacking Too Much:

Snacking frequently raises the insulin levels in your body and fails the entire purpose of the low-carb diet plan. You can snack on some weight loss soups- Trim Aid and Dybesweet Rose Sabja.

Now, after knowing what a low-carb diet is, what is and what is not to be done, what are the common mistakes which people may make; it gives a good idea of how to go about losing
weight with a low-carb diet. So try to stick to these basics and see for yourself.