How to refuse an applicant for a position and at the same time leave a positive impression about the company

Career Arc conducted a study in the current year of 2019, which concluded that about 60% of 826 respondents had a negative experience in interviewing companies in various fields and sizes. At the same time, the same study refers to information that job seekers usually share their experience in communicating with the company, regardless of whether they were hired or not.

Each such review goes to the feedback box about the employer and it is very important not to produce negative in this direction because it affects the image of the employer. Here are four tips to help you build a positive experience with a company, even if the interview failed.

1. Implement a video interview

Pre-recorded interviews put candidates on an equal footing at the initial selection stage. Realize this opportunity for screening candidates to reduce the number of face-to-face interviews, as a personal conversation usually requires more time and resources.
A video interview allows you to view the candidates’ answers at any time convenient for the employer and to first evaluate their knowledge, communication skills. There is also the opportunity to assess the appearance of the applicant, which is important for some posts, especially those related to working with people. This approach will be convenient for the applicants themselves. They will be able to familiarize themselves with the questions in advance, think over the answers and prepare for the recording, which will make it possible to relax and stay during the interview most naturally.

2. Help with the preparation for the interview

Make sure that the candidate for the position in advance as much as possible learned about your company. Unfortunately, most applicants go for an interview, knowing only the address, time and name of the interviewer. Prepare additional materials that would describe you as an employer, send files to the candidate or make sure that he has the opportunity to find out about you through an online search 123netflix. Include additional descriptive information in the file with your questions for the video interview.
In-person, do not ask the candidate to tell you about yourself. Usually, people get lost and don’t know what exactly you want to hear. As a result, they say something wrong. Prepare specific questions, help the candidate with the answer, letting him know what exactly interests you. Start with a simple one, delving deeper and deeper into details and identifying key details for you.

3. Add humanity to failure

Despite a couple of positive interviews, it may suddenly turn out that it is time to abandon the selected candidate. Perhaps the person does not have enough experience, he does not fit into the corporate culture, or another candidate seems more suitable and better prepared. Whatever the reason for the refusal, this fact will certainly affect the overall impression of communicating with your company.

Nevertheless, even after receiving a refusal, the candidate wants to hear that the interaction with the company is not completed and the refusal is not categorical. Focus on the existence of the human factor while communicating with job seekers. In no case do not refuse remotely, escaping with only general-template phrases. Try to send a personalized message to the person or he will be refused at a personal meeting in a rather polite and even friendly way.
Everyone is frustrated by failure. You do not know the personal situation of people and character traits, and therefore always act on the principle of a “not harm” doctor. Who knows what the consequences may be from your refusal, so try to minimize their impact power to a minimum.
Studies show that candidates for a position who have received a polite refusal, properly furnished, retain pleasant memories of their experience with the company and are always ready to share them on occasion.

4. Maintain a relationship

Never let a candidate understand that he has been refused completely and irrevocably. Perhaps he didn’t fit in any parameters today, but tomorrow you may have a vacancy for which the departed candidate would be ideally suited.
Create a resume database, keep contacts and establish contacts with job seekers, take advantage of the capabilities of social networks and email to constantly remind candidates of their existence and the availability of your vacant posts.
You cannot afford to squander qualified personnel, especially if they once expressed a desire to work with you. A candidate loyal to the company is the best employee and the best advertising for the brand.