In the age of digital revolution, where everything is tailor-made to cater to the
needs of a tech-savvy civilisation, it is imperative to create content using digital
mediums that are accessible by millions of internet users. YouTube is the fastest
growing digital medium that serves content from all fields in the form of videos. In
this context, it is then important to know what a vlog is. A vlog is the abbreviation
is a video-blog, which basically is a blog in the form of a video. The content is
generated in a stream of graphic images and flashy words, all made with the
intention of attracting and upholding the attention of the viewer. Vlogs can be
made on all kinds of topics, namely travel, food, music etc.
Huntsends is a unique Noida-based startup, which focuses on bringing talented
and informative vlogs into limelight. This website has this distinctive aim of
bringing the best vlogs and videos on YouTube into public focus. They curate
content and videos on topics like travel, music, health and wellness, dance,
fashion, technology and Do-It-Yourself(DIY) topics. Their aim is to give a
sustainable platform to budding vloggers and YouTubers, as well as to create a
filtered platform, which showcases only the best content available for the
This online startup also has interesting contests for people to participate in and
win exciting prizes. Along with that, they also publish exclusive interviews with
popular YouTubers and vloggers, one of which was of the popular indie band
SANAM. They have social media presence on all the major websites, namely
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. One can also contact them by going to their main
website ( ).