is one of the most unique types of websites that I’ve ever come across. It is a very innovative idea to filter all the YouTube videos according to certain categories and put all of the videos under those categories. This saves the user a lot of time and also data that goes into searching appropriate YouTube videos of their requirement, which is the motive of the team of

They, at present have videos filtered and sorted into 8 different categories, which are; Travel, music, food, techno, DIY, dance, fashion and health&fitness. These categories are one of the most searched or looked out for categories on the internet and has it all sorted out under just one website. They have the bests of vlogs about the best of videos to show to the users without much of a fuss to the user. It’s one of the most user-friendly websites and caters to the audience exactly what they want.

Moreover, also has collaborations with artists and users to live up to its users in the credibility factor. Also, with collaborations, the artist as well as the user would get a wider reach, as since the content is credible, users would actually go back to the artist’s channel and recommend it to their friends and family. This makes the website a very trustful one, which is the ultimate aim of the’s team. It gives exposure and opportunity to all the videos and video makers irrespective how big or small their videos are or is. also conducts contests for young aspirants in video making and photography to give them a platform to showcase their talents and also to generate new and fresh content. This is a very genuine step in content creation I feel.

In the future, are looking to widen their forum into larger digital spaces and are also looking forward to become uploading platform themselves. They look forward to become greater in giving entertainment suggestions.