Huntsends is a website which promotes youtubers and their channels. The website gives online exposures to the individual by providing their Vlogs and videos to the world promoting their work. THE website also acts as a guide to travellers showing providing them to access to the famous Vlogs and videos from YouTube making them aware about places, people and things. The website has different categories like Travel, music, food, techno, dance, fashion, health & fitness providing the user ease to access the website.

It is a very helpful website as far as the promotion of young talent is concerned because it acts as a platform to provide them exposure at global level. It is beneficial for a variety of customers providing them information related to various topics with just one click.

The website basically focuses on promoting young talent by showing their blog or YouTube channel on its site, if it thinks that the content is worth promoting.  The website is an encyclopaedia of famous vblogs and YouTube that can help the common public to find the related and relevant information at one single platform rather than searching and struggling for the information elsewhere.

Various sections:

  1. HOME- Gives an outlook of the website like what it does, what kind of videos and blogs it shares etc.
  2. Travel- It shows the trending YouTube videos and blogs that contain the information useful as guide to travel various places across the globe.
  3. Music – it shows new videos f trending music videos like their reviews and remix and more.
  4. Food- It shows various videos and blog related to famous food of a specific geographical area and also critique different food items.
  5. Techno – It shows various video and blogs unboxing and review of latest phones and different technological devices.
  6. DIY – It shows famous DIY YouTube videos and blogs.
  7. Dance – Shows famous dance videos of different dance styles across the globe.
  8. Fashion – Shows videos showing different fashion hacks and style to promote fashion.
  9. Health & Fitness – It shows videos related to different food item and exercises to stay fit and healthy.


Overall this website is a great innovation for promotion of young talent by promoting their and acting as a medium to provide necessary information to the user.