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Food, travel, fashion, health, DIY, tech, music and dance YouTubers get a chance to reach a colossal audience.

With the most attractive and unique layout of the website, all bloggers together blend into a mini YouTube universe.

Taking the web on the run soon it will be a YouTube channels giant!

Huntsends Food

From best foods in Ireland, South Africa to what to eat when in Dharmshala everything at one place. Our readers will get answers to where to go on a date or any query.

Huntsends Techno

Tech geeks are difficult to reach out. Choicest gadget review YouTube videos or a new real meat Tech YouTube channel, Huntsends is only for the best.

Huntsends Music

Featuring in best lyrics videos, or chart toppers playlist Youtube vlogs, you will get your stepping stone.

Huntsends Health

Type winter diet, natural ways  to stay beautiful and flood in the Youtube videos. Huntsends team carefully fishes out the best health Youtube videos.

Huntsends Fashion

All you need to have is a catchy and substance fashion Youtube channel. Chic ways to style denim or MUA, here is your chance to outshine others.

Huntsends Travel

Blog entries at Huntsends are ultimate travel experience. Actual photos will let to travel the place even before reaching there!

Huntsends DIY

Just DIY your video and rest all will be done by the team. A great video on making your own beanie bag, unique DIY tutorial is welcome here.

Huntsends Dance

All genre of YouTube dance channels with only one common thing, excellence are pooled. Faithful reader and followers of Huntsends will help you get your deserved victory.

Huntsends Contest

Online videography and photography contests are organised regularly. We help sieve the hidden talents through such contests open for all!

Exclusive interviews of snazzy celeb vlogs on Youtube, interviews, and free coupons are perks our  audience get!

Why Huntsends?

We accent our partners from every niche. Going the extra mile, Huntsends uses vast social media campaigns and strategies to bring the spotlight on you.


– International and Indian blogs at one place

– Interchange of audience helps gain popularity

– Presence on various other social media sites