Photo tours have become an integral part of traveling these days. This is because; photography has always played a very crucial role in exploring new places and making memories. There is no a single trip which can be without memory and these memories are frozen by photography only.

When it comes to India photo walks there are a different styles of photo tours in India that happens now. There are wildlife photography tours, tribal photography tours, fort photography tours, nature photography tours, old city photography tours and many more.

Now, what is the best part of photography tours in India? Well, it helps one to experience the best sights when they are exploring a new place. One can get the best frames out of their traveling experiences and hence they become very crucial for whom photography is really important when they are travelling.

Here are some major photography tours that one can go for when they are in India.

Wildlife photography tours

If one is a wildlife enthusiast then this is a must for them at least in India because there are plenty of places where they can venture. India is said to be the hub of wildlife because it nestles more than 440 wildlife sanctuaries with tiger reserves and biosphere reserves. In this tour one can get a chance to click some high motion pictures of wild animals and birds along with some beautiful scenic frames in the forests. When it comes to wildlife photography tours in India the bird photography tour in Tal Chaper (said to be the heaven for the sighting of rare birds along with Falcons, Harries, Buzzards and Hawks) is the most popular along with photography tours in Gir National Park, Kutch, Tadoba and Bandipur. For tiger spotting one can choose Kanha or Ranthambhore.

Environmental photography tours

This photography tour not only helps one to explore new places and click pictures but at the same time it also helps in spreading awareness. This photography tour is all about bringing a change in the society and making one aware that the world and nature needs to be saved. For this, India offers plenty of places full of nature and one can make aware other people through frames. Get more update on daayri.

City photography tours

This is said to be the most popular one when it comes to photography tours because Indian cities do tell a lot of stories. Also there are varieties of cities in India. Apart from metropolis, there are old cities, historical cities, fort cities and many more. They are defined by colours and structures and hence one can get a lot of subject to click there. Now the question is why one should do photo tours in India? Well, these tours in India actually offer a brilliant opportunity to learn a lot about photography. This helps them a lot to brush on their photo taking skills if they really want to improve them. At the same time it give the opportunity to one to make a mark and tell a story through their frames.

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