If you can’t decide where to head for your next vacation, Dublin is a heck of an exciting city to explore! From the magic of the Irish, the rivers of Guinness and centuries of Irish history, Dublin is a terrific place to experience! Geographically and factually, it is the capital of and the largest city in Ireland, with the city population of 1, 347, 359, having a great culture. I personally believe there is lot more to Dublin than a simple Castle, a Cathedral and Museums. Rivers of Guinness maybe a slight exaggeration but there really are so many amazing go through to sink your teeth into in the Irish capital.

Whether you’re looking for nice places to eat, drink and have a good old fashioned boogie, Dublin doesn’t disappoint! Take a look at the very best things to do and include this to your Dublin itinerary – some of which are good old favorites while others are relatively unknown gems just waiting to be explored! Eat like a Beadaí –– meaning be a real foodie and hog at best of places like The Blind Pig, The Woollen Mills and try some of the best vegetarian restaurants like Govinda’s, Red Torch Ginger and Umi Falafel. Become a bookworm at The Long Room with the next stop in Dublin – ‘THE TRINITY LIBRARY!’ The largest library in whole of Ireland, having more than half a million books. It’s pretty much impossible for you to find what you are looking for, without help! “Give me Coffee to change the things I can & Whiskey to accept the ones I cannot”. Ever heard age old stories of Irish Whiskey and Coffee flavors? These mixes coming from whiskey, chocolate and other ingredients travel around the globe!

Dublin is a peachy European city to discover the rich history of Irish and sink a few pints at a Irish pub all at really cheap rates. So hey, BonVoyage to a great experience!


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