Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh fort in Jaipur,Rajasthan is located on Cheel ka teela(Hills of Eagles) was built by Jai Singh II.It was built to look over the Amber Fort and Maota Lake.

The Jaigarh Fort is located on one of top of the hills of Aravali Range over 400 meters above the Amber fort.The Jaigarh fort is 10 Kms away from the city of Jaipur.It takes around 40 minutes of local ride to reach the fort from Jaipur on Delhi Jaipur highway at slight diversion. This road also leads to a Major fort of Rajasthan which is Nahargarh Fort.

The rampages and wide water channels are must seen things while visiting to Jaigarh fort.These wide water channels was once used as a well organised rain water harvesting system to supply water from the side and also they provide a security system to the fort.

Sightseeing can also be done near by Jaigarh fort.The main sight scenes are Jaivana,Vijay Garh,Museum at Jaigarh fort, The Lakshmi Vilas Palace at Jaigarh Fort.

jaivana-cannonJaigarh fort was also considered to be the main artillery production area for the Rajputs.The Jaivana cannon was built 1720 and was the largest cannon on wheels in the world at that time.This cannon was never used in any battle as Rajputs of Jaigarh never fought with Mughals.It was once tried with 100 kgs of gun powder and fired 35 Kms of its range.

Vijaygarh was considered as the main armory shop to buy massive weapons.Today also you can see those massive collections of weapons and large bottles of wine and Oil containers.

Museum at Jaigarh fort tells its full story.The museum at Jaigarh fort has a large collections of puppets,coins,Images of Emperors,parades etc.

The lakshmi Vilas Palace at Jaigarh fort contains a large collections of wall painting in blue colors.You can also ruins of mughal garden.It also have a place where the king used to spent his time enjoying dance,puppet shows etc.

At the end the Jaigarh fort was built to look at the Amber fort and was  the factory of artillery.it has its own magnificent architecture and class of royality.