If you are foodie and you always roam around for some great taste and some different style,just visit Joshi Dahi Bade House in Indore’s famous Sarafa market.At the time when all the shops displaying gold and silver from inside of them,a crowd of foodies starts gathering around.Between this beautiful food court there is a place serves Dahi Bade with style.Sarafa bazaar is Indore’s hot spot for all the food lovers and it is so famous that many outsiders have come and got their teeth digged in the delicious food. Joshi’s Dahi Bada shop, as the name says is famous for it’s lip smacking Dahi Bada and apart from that, the entertainment that the guy provides here. Basically, he throws the dahi Bada plate into the air and catches it back. Fear not! Not a single drop of the given food is spilled. He also adds pinch of different Masalas on the Dahi with just 2 fingers without them getting mixed. I got to experience both the things when I was there for the first time.

Now taste-wise, the dahi Bada was delicious. The dahi does get dry after few bites, but you can refill it in case. But it was super tasty.

Overall, a pocket friendly and a recommended place to every foodie. His talents, entertainment and tasty food items have attracted dozens of people from all over India.