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1. Keshav, describe your YouTube Fan Fest experience in three words or more if you like?

Excitement, energy, love, support, strength. 

 2. What is the story behind the pendant that you wear?

The star pendant was an accessory given to me by an old stylist of ours, for a video shoot. I really liked it so I kept it after the shoot and have been wearing it ever since.

The K pendant was a birthday gift from a fan. Again, I really liked it. So I wear it often 🙂 

3. Which LIVE Concert has never left your mind?

Lately there have been so many concerts that have been so special for many reasons. If I had to pick one, I guess our first concert in Maldives is an experience I can never forget. For a small place like Maldives to have a crowd of over 12 to 14 thousand people is a big deal. Also it was our first visit there. So the feeling was overwhelming. The crowd followed us to a restaurant after the show and waited outside till 6 am just to see us. I can never forget this. We also had fans waiting on the road outside a hotel where they thought we were staying at. They waited till morning before they realised we weren’t there. 

4. Which is THE favorite food joint for SANAM in Delhi?

One of the most exciting things about our trips to Delhi is the food! Every time we go there, we try different restaurants and end up eating like crazy. I am convinced that almost every place in Delhi has amazing food. Impossible to name just one.  

5. Tell us something about the NGO that SANAM supports? 

‘Justice and Hope’ is a Chennai based NGO that works towards the objectives of Human rights for all. During a number of visits to Chennai, we have had the opportunity to see the amazing work they do. Such a dangerous job with so many risks to everyone working there, but they all put on the sweetest smile and make it look so easy.  Amazing people working so hard to help others in need. As a band, we feel like it is our social responsibility to bring about awareness on issues that would otherwise get buried under the table. All our #SANAMmerchandise proceeds will go to Justice and Hope. Also our recent ‘Pledge Tour’ (focusing on child sexual abuse) are our first steps towards helping spread awareness and to monetarily support Justice and Hope.   

6. We have seen you playing not just drums but many other instruments in different videos, are you the most versatile member of SANAM?

Every member of SANAM is versatile. Venky S, apart from playing the Bass Guitar, is also a really good guitarist and does a lot of our musical arrangements. Samar Puri not only plays the Lead Guitar, he also plays the harmonica, writes some of our lyrics and edits our music videos. Sanam Puri, apart from making amazingly catchy vocal melodies and hooks, also plays the Piano, and a bit of Guitars and Drums. Essentially I play Drums and Percussion. Since there are so many different percussive instruments, it may seem like a lot. I learnt the guitar when I was really young by watching my brother Arjun play. I also enjoy rhythm programming for the band. 

7. If not SANAM, what would be the band called?

Before we fixed on the name ‘SANAM’ we had gone through around 300 different band names. We had an email thread where each of us would type out any name that came to mind. We tried combinations of our names, words that might describe our music and a lot of random names that we found interesting. However, none of them fit as well as SANAM. Everything about this name works for us as a band. After days of brain storming it was clear that there is no better name for our band. 

 8. What's been the craziest fan experience you've had?

A fan wrote multiple letters to me once in blood. At first, I thought it was a joke. But then she posted pics of her cutting her hand and writing those letters online. It really worried us all. As a band we want to spread love and happiness. So we posted the pictures online and urged all our fans to not indulge in things like this again. We don’t and will never encourage any of it. We also asked all other fans to come together and support each other when they see anything of this sort again and to shower them with love and support instead. It was so nice to see everyone come together to help this girl out. We are blessed with such amazing fans and friends. 

9.  Who's the most talkative member of SANAM?

We all talk a lot! Completely depends on the situation. But I guess comparatively Sanam Puri and I are the most talkative members. Technically, Ben Thomas talks the most though. Being our business manager, his phone is forever ringing. 

10. What makes SANAM special?

What makes SANAM special is simple. Sanam Puri, Venky S, Samar Puri, Keshav Dhanraj and Ben Thomas together make SANAM special 🙂 

Our collective aim is to make good music, spread love and happiness. We love working together. It gives us confidence and strength, to know that we have each other.

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