I started traveling in my early 20’s and have been a writer or a ‘digital nomad’ as it is famously called ever since. I definitely have a predilection for brands and ideas that aren’t afraid to embrace alternative lifestyles and La Petite Lemon is exactly that type of brand. Founded by a couple of girls wanting to look chic whilst traveling the brand has gained plenty of traction and endorsement from fashionistas and Instagram influence rs all around. The brand was created upon the girls asking a simple question: Where is the alternative for girls wanting to look stylish and original when traveling and on a budget? They found no answer and endeavored to take the matter in their own hands.


I initially stumbled across the brand when searching for budget friendly alternatives that deliver originality and style. The guys behind La Petite Lemon had me on the hook as soon as I began browsing their website and I bought my first pieces prior to my trip to Bali this autumn. The girls behind this brand had a pretty clear objective, and wearing their brand made me realise what a difference it makes feeling presentable and chic whilst being a blogger who is at times (…always) on a tight budget. I bought a couple of Tee’s to start with and quickly returned for more after falling in love (and falling into one too many waterfalls) in my latest clothing additions! I was positively surprised that a brand had finally managed to incorporate all the variables I seek when trying to be comfy and chic and within budget. The remaining trip was spent on the beach and writing in chic cafés looking stylish – always, and with money in my pocket –almost always.la2.png

La Petite Lemon has really hit the spot for all my fashion needs- and I know that many travelers, bloggers, and life-lovers out there have been crying for a brand like this to come around. Well, now it’s here and I am following La Petite Lemon with excitement and I particularly look forward to their up and coming seasonal collections.


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