It has been some time since smartwatches made their way into everyone’s life. In recent times, you can come across a sea of fashion brands and Swiss watchmakers making an effort to redefine their timepieces to lend them a more acceptable design that conforms to modern tastes. They tell you time, inform you about your fitness, give you a sneak peek into your sleep, alert you with texts and messages, and provide you with calling facility too. They are a versatile device in every sense. But, you may wonder – are they fashionable?

Embracing a smart timepiece is not only about staying updated and ahead of everyone else in terms of health and fitness. Both men and women are experimenting with their smartwatch looks to imbibe an awesome fashion vibe. How? Here is a quick look into the elements that make these intelligent wearable devices more fashion-friendly.

Display screens

One of the fundamental changes that have occurred in the design of the latest smartwatches is their sleek and smart dials. No more do you have to put up with those boxy, chunky dials for the sake of being technologically savvy. The well-shaped circular, square, and rectangular dials help you discover your style without putting much effort. The last two shapes have a more edgy and chic aura about them, while the classical round dials create a union of a smart and classic look.


Leather, stainless steel, and silicone are some of the popular band types used in any smartwatch. Leather and steel bands own a more masculine feature, but women can also wear them to balance their feminine edge with this unique flavour. Leather and steel wristbands can complement both formal and casual appearance seamlessly. And silicone bands are especially suitable for boasting a sporty appearance. You can take a look at Garmin Singapore for a real experience.


The latest concept of fashion exceeds looks to adopt a smart way of living life, and this is where smartwatches have created a real impact compared to any other stylish or utilitarian accessory. While undergoing a massive transformation in the design front, these timepieces make sure to provide you many technologically improved features so that you can go about your daily activities without any difficulty. For example, you can wear a smartwatch when cycling, biking, swimming, or running and still stay updated and connected with your circle of friends and family even if you don’t have a smartphone by your side.

This wearable gadget can also give you a reading of your heart rate, pulse rate, steps, and distance to help you have a good understanding of the amount of daily physical activities you do.

Earlier men were more adoptive of this fashion-cum-practical accessory, while women showed hesitation primarily because of the lack of choices. But new designs, choice of colours, and opportunities for customisation have solved their concern. It is one reason why you can see the same models for both men and women.

If you have any doubts about them being a perfect companion to your dressing style, then delve in the new collections right away and check it yourself.