Region:- Jammu & Kashmir

Duration:-10 Days

Grade:- Moderate To Difficult

Max Altitude:-17,582 ft

Leh is a city present in Ladakh valley is in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India, is a famous tourist destination with great adventure opportunity . This place is famous for its intense beauty with lots of places you must visit. It  currently extends from the Kunlun mountain range to the main Great Himalayas to the south. Inhabited by people of Indo-Aryans and Tibetan descent. One of the most sparsely populated regions in Jammu and Kashmir. Historically, the region included the Baltistan  valleys (now mostly in Pakistan).  It is one of the best place to visit to get rid of this fast moving life and different trekking experience.

Trekking Places

  • Chadar Trek in Zanskar (Frozen River Trekking)
  • Rumtse to Tsomoriri Trek
  • Indus Valley Trekking
  • Snow Leopard Trek in ladakh

Why Visit Leh?

Leh is famous for its amazing natural beauty, peace, lakes(Pangong Tso, Tsomoriri, Tso-Kar) ,A Desert among the snowy hills Nubra valley. Leh is connected to so many places with amazing roads places like Nubra Valley, Pangong-TSO, TSOmoriri, TSO-kar, KhardungLA, Chang La.

Places to visit in leh-

  1. Khardungla Pass: Highest civilian motor road in the world:- It might not look like much of a road but it’s the best that there is. Managed by the Border Roads Organization, Kardung-la Pass is the gateway to the north and can be considered by many as a tourist spot in itself. However, being at such a height, one has to take extreme care of health while traveling through the pass. On the fun side, the numerous Tibetan flags that are said to ward off bad spirits and keep you safe set up a beautiful contrast with the white snow.
  2. Tso Moriri Lake: Where you can live forever near by china border:- The place is a canvas colored with the blue-white skies, blue-green mountains with white tops, the calm blue water of the lake and lush green pastures. Who needs any place better than this? The Tso Moriri lake is probably not as famous as the Pangong Lake but it is still a must place to visit in Leh Ladakh for anyone taking a trip in this region.
  3. Pangong Tso Lake: The unending lake from 3 Idiots:- Its a salt water lake at the altitude of 4,250m.Remember the breathtakingly beautiful lake from 3 Idiots where Chatur lost it all? It’s the Pangong-Tso lake that traverses the boundary international boundary to stretch from India to Bhutan. The lake offers awesome site for camping and is the current hotspot for all people traveling to Ladakh. The rules do not allow boating on Pangong-Tso Lake but when the lake freezes in the winters, if you’re feeling too brave, you might want to ice skate at just the bank of the lake.
  4. Magnetic Hill: Defy gravity :- The science behind the phenomenon is unknown but it has been observed that if you leave your vehicle at the base of the hill with the brakes unlocked, it will start moving uphill slowly on its own. Magic? Definitely not. It’s simply the superpowers you get when you reach this place
  5. Spituk Gompa: Monastery at the hilltop:- Ladakh is the land of monks and monasteries, Spituk is one of the important monasteries Famous for its beautiful carved location and its location.
  6. Hemis Monastery:- One of the biggest monastery in ladakh The annual Hemis festival that takes place in July is visited by people in large numbers. The masked parade is the highlight of the festival and is said to be one of the most sacred rituals here. Every year, on the 10th day of Tibetan Lunar month called as Tse Chu, the Monastery holds this two-day celebration to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava who is often said to be a reincarnation of Buddha.
  7. Shanti stupa.
  8. Leh Palace.
  9. Zanskar river.
  10. Turtuk:- Last village of India and once was in Pakistan.
  11. Kargil Memorial:- A must visit place to feel the patriotism 

How to Reach Leh and other places from Delhi?

There are many ways to reach to your dream place .

Way 1(FLIGHT) :– If you are having a very tight schedule due to busy life and can not afford to have 12 days off soo u can do it in 6 days by taking flight from Delhi to Leh which takes around 3 hours but after this you have to give time to your body to get Acclimatization which is very necessary to keep your trip healthy and happy.

Way 2 (Bus) :– If you are having good amount of time and love to do road trips like people who want to enjoy every moment of trip and love to be social soo its your cup of tea take this route 


                                                                                                                                                               One can also use other route which is from Srinagar side


Way 3 (Car, Bus or Cab) :-You can use your car to visit there but always beware of raods and your driving capability. If car is registered to your name then you can take it anywhere in leh and to places like Pangong, Nubra, Turtuk, Hunder, and many more. Otherwise you have to hire cab over there according to the rules of taxi Union over there.

Way 4(Bikes) :- You can take your bike or you can hire bike from delhi on rent as well as you can hire it from manali and leh also.






Leh-Manali Highway
Manali-Rohtang Breathtaking views.
Khardungla pass
Khardungla Worlds highest motorable road

Leh-Manali highway

pangong tso


Things To Carry

  • Warm jackets, Warmers, Raincoats, Bike Protection Gears (If using bikes), Fleece jackets & Thermals.
  • Hand Gloves, Comfortable Sports shoes 2pairs, and 3-4 pair of socks
  • Water bottles, Energy bars, and something for munching.
  • Extra petrol cans.
  • Personal toiletries and medicines.
  • Backpack with waterproof linings.
  • Imp medicines- Dimox, Desprin, Flaxon, Volini spray, Crepe Bandage.. etc.

Best Season to visit and Limitations of time-

(May to July)

Both Leh-Manali and Leh-Srinagar highways open in april end or may so u can visit the place once highways are open by BRO (Border Road Organization) for vehicles. (Best time to see snow and amazing weather)

(July to September)

Its a Rainy season water levels are high due to rains so might be difficult sometime to cross the river streams on roads.



There are soo many hotels but let me spot one hotel in leh Dragon Hotel one of the best hotel in Leh with Tibetan architecture.
Take Camps in PangongTSO, Homestay in Nubra, Hotels in leh, Camps in Tsomoriri.

Bikes and Car rents:-

Bikes –Rents are quite good- For bullet 350 u will have to pay RS-1100/day and bullet 500 for RS-1600/day excluding petrol.

Cabs- For innova they Charge you around RS-35/km if you are Holding car for 2 days and if you are doing 1 day trip then they will charge you around RS-30/km.


There are two different routes that lead to Ladakh- one from Srinagar and the other from Manali: Srinagar to Leh and Manali to Leh.

First of all reach from Delhi to Srinagar, or Delhi to Manali

Route 1: Srinagar to Leh

On the Srinagar to Leh trip, you will visit beautiful villages, war memorial, Himalayan valleys, a mountain top Gurudwara, monasteries and more. This is a comprehensive trip that exposes you to the various facets of Ladakh. In this exciting road trip, you visit spectacular locations.

Be it the green fields of Sonamargh or the quaint and happy villages on the banks of the Sindh River, fill your eyes with the sights, sounds and essence of Ladakh. Covering a distance of 434 kms, this trip lets you understand the true majesty of Mother Nature’s creations.

Total Distance: 434 Kms

Best Time to Visit: Highway generally opens on early May to late October (Depends on the weather)

Route Map:

Srinagar – Sonmarg – Zozi La – Drass – Kargil – Mulbek – Lamayaru – Saspol – Leh

Route 2: Manali to Leh

Covering a distance of 490km, be treated to an unforgettable experience on the Ladakh road trip. On the Manali to leh road trip, you will traverse through high mountain passes, narrow passes, hair pin bends and scenic valleys where you can click panoramic photographs.

You will tour villages and witness the quiet and elegant lifestyle of people living in such divine settings. Fantastic scenic quotients, monasteries, resplendent villages, ancient trade routes and jaw-dropping views are the highlights of this trip.

Total Distance: 490 Kms

Best Time to Visit: June to September

Route Map:

Manali – Rohtang – Gramphu – Kokhsar – Keylong – Jispa – Darcha – Zingzingbar – Baralacha La – Bharatpur – Sarchu – Gata Loops – Nakee La – Lachulung La – Pang – Tanglang La – Gya – Upshi – Karu – Leh