This generation is busy with their work. Everyone has got all that they want in a day. Even for entertainment, people use phones. They do social attraction through social media applications. People have a busy schedule and they all need to get rid of the strain. People are not getting time for their life because of the amount of work that they had to do when they are in their respective tasks.

Vidmate is an app that helps to make the online journey easy by providing the facility of downloading anything anytime. Vidmate 2018 version is the same as the current version except there are some bug fixes and the speed is been faster. The benefit of having Vidmate on your mobile phone is:

  • Almost all types of format are supported by this app. Variety videos can be played.
  • The app provides a safety lock for all the videos downloaded by you.
  • It has provided an easy way to watch what one likes without wasting the mobile data on watching a song, video or a movie again and again.
  • Usually, there is a halt in a show you’re watching on television and that halt is known as advertisement/ ads. But on vidmate you can watch any of your tv shows without being halted.
  • Vidmate is a free app. No charges are taken for downloading videos.
  • This app has made entertainment an easy source and an anywhere thing.
  • There are almost 20 videos that you can download side by side.
  • Convenience for the users has increased a lot and they can watch their liked content anytime they want also you can increase your twitch followers.

This application is very easy to use. There is no technical skill that is needed to operate this app and any layman can use this app. The following are a simple guideline as to how to download the app and use it to download any video:

  • Search on your browser about the apk version of vidmate.
  • Download via the link given and go to the file manager option of the phone for further installation of the app.
  • You just need to copy the URL(link) of the video and paste it on the app the video will start downloading. You can do this for any social media application and download any video which you like.
  • If you want to watch the videos open the app go on the download option and all the saved videos will appear.

All these applications fall under the broad framework of machine learning. The data that is given to the app is interpreted by the application and it automatically downloads the videos from that website or social media application. That’s how machine learning works in a small scenario. But all this is a part of ML and it is very important for the makers to keep contributing to the success of the application by taking care of the ML process. An application like Vidmate has made the suffering life a little easy and convenient.