Goa tops the list of backpackers for different reasons, sometimes it’s pristine beauty, untouched beaches, adventure sports, nightlife, parties or celebrations. But whatever is the reason, the mouth-watering food accompanies them all. The most common food in Goa is rice and fish curry. Also, most of the dishes are made using coconuts, rice, fish, pork, meat and local spices like kokum along with the influence of Portuguese. You can also find the list of traditional foods and the places to eat from tourismofgoa.org. Let’s get a glimpse of local Goan food which is generally fiery and lip-smacking that wins the hearts of every traveller and gets admired in large numbers.

Goan Fish Curry

The most famous dish in Goa is Goan Fish Curry also known as Xitti Kodi. Also, most common food of every Goan, a coconut-based dish which is flavoured with red chillies and fresh prawns or fishes such as mackerels, shark fish, pomfret etc. It’s a kind of fish curry served with steamed rice. It is prepared in a very simple way, but still a true delicacy of Goa, tastes best when consumed after a few hours. Don’t forget to try the mouth-watering Goan fish curry whenever you are in town.


Xacuti which is pronounced as ‘sha-koo-tee’ or “Shakuti”, is basically a chicken curry influenced by Portuguese dishes. It is made with chicken, prawns or vegetables cooked with chillies, coconut, spices and poppy seeds. The secret and famous spices used are the reason for it’s different and mouth-watering taste which makes the dish one of the most loved chicken recipes of Goa.

Shark Ambot Tik

Ambot tik is another Portuguese influenced Goan dish which is common in every household of Goa. Goa is famous for its fresh and spicy sea food, Shark Ambot Tik is the perfect example. ‘Ambot’ means sour and ‘tik’ means spicy, and the dish is made up of Shark fish chopped and mixed with onions, tomatoes and masala. Kashmiri red chillies are used as a spice to give it a tangy flavour. This delicious dish is served with steamed rice or Goan pav (bread).

Pork Sorpotel

You will find the touch of Portuguese style in almost all the famous dishes of Goa, Pork Sorpotel is a spicy legacy left behind by the Portuguese at Catholic homes, it is a common dish in every Catholic household of Goa during Christmas. It is traditionally made with pork, beef or mutton liver. The meat is boiled, fat is dried and prepared with onion, garlic, different spices as well as herbs. The sorpotel is believed to be at its best taste on the third or fourth day, after it is warmed once in a day for each day till it is served.


Cafreal, a grilled chicken dish an amazing mixture of Portuguese and Goan cuisine which is served in a Portuguese style with peppercorns, spicy green chillies, garlic and ginger. It’s a spicy green coloured dish, the chicken is mixed with masala made up by grinding green chillies, herbs and various spices together and then fried. Although, it doesn’t require anything by its side, but it can be served with salads.

Fish Recheado

Recheado is pronounced as Ray-shaad which means stuffed in Portuguese. It is basically a pomfret or any other fish stuffed with a spicy recheado paste made up of tangy masala, aromatic spices and fried with onions till it becomes a golden brown in colour and becomes crispy. The dish is majorly served with rice, salad and with warm Goan bread. Don’t forget to taste this delicious food on your delightful Goa vacation

Goan Pork Vindaloo

Goan Pork Vindaloo is served in the Goan home at Christmas, New Year and Easter. Traditionally it was a mild, sweet and sour curry made with red chillies, ginger, garlic and other spices ground in vinegar, it consists of pork, onions, chillies, garlic along with Vinegar. This dish was earlier known as Vindahlo, ‘Vin’ comes from the word vinegar and ‘ahlo’ means garlic in Portuguese but because of the use of potatoes, people started calling it Vindaloo, as aloo means potatoes. It is also believed, that older the dish gets, better it tastes as the meat get marinated properly and absorbs the flavours.


Caldeirada is a thick fish stew which consists several varieties of fish in it. It is made by layering vegetables and seafood in a tomato-based sauce, another dish with its root in the Portuguese cuisine. If you are a sea-food lover, you can’t miss this one and you will definitely enjoy it. It is best when served with Portuguese rolls.


The delicious Feijoada is a mixture of red beans with pork and again one of the Portuguese influenced recipe. Salted pork, red beans are fried to prepare this dish. Instead of water coconut milk can be added for the gravy which gives a different flavour to the dish. It is best served with rice.


It’s a simple vegetarian curry famously prepared during monsoon season in Goa. The curry is made up of using spicy masala along with onions and tomatoes. It is mostly enjoyed with rice or dry fish.


Patolea is a sweet dish pronounced as ‘pathayo’, it is also served with tea. A filling of coconut, cardamom, Goan jaggery is made and stuffed inside the tamarind leaves and lined with rice paste. Leaves are then wrapped and steamed for 20 minutes.


Bebinca is one of the most loved deserts in Goa, basically a Goan version of pancakes. It is a multi-layered cake which is prepared using coconut milk, sugar, eggs and flour. Don’t forget to try this mouth-watering desert while on your memorable trip- to Goa.
Your trip is incomplete without tasting Goan delicacies which are easily available in casual beach shacks, where you can enjoy the meal by candlelight and the soft sand between your toes, to sophisticated international cuisine in exclusive luxury hotels, there’s lots of choices for every taste bud in Goa and in all the budgets.