Some health care tips that everyone might have come across sounds like practice good hygiene, eat healthy, do proper exercise blah blah blah….

But is it all about exercise and food? Living healthy can just not be obtained through food & exercise. It takes something more than that which costs nothing.  5 letter words which means a lot; which adds up days to our life; which can be easily affordable by all but used by few. Those words are SMILE & LAUGH

Your smile will not only make your day; but also to the one whom you smile and greet. Smile has the ability to change one’s brain chemistry; thus it can be of great help to the people who suffer from depression or anxiety.  Smile can make you feel better; smiling even on a sick day helps you to feel better over the illness. When you smile, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which triggers a positive feeling and also reduces stress levels along with improving mood. The release of endorphin also increases blood flow and decreases the blood pressure. Scientists have concluded that smiling & laughing lowers the risk of heart disease & other cardiovascular issues.

Hundreds of people have made this as a money making business by conducting laughing therapy & humour groups. And people do blindly spend their hard earned money over these places. Instead, simply smile to everyone you come across. Spare some time in a day & watch cartoon which you loved during you early days. Add more nature to your day, get a pet or spend quality time with your family & friends.

Moreover, it’s not only about paving a way to a healthier life but smiling also can give a start to a friendship, dissolve an argument & spread happiness around you.