Rohtang,ManaliIts was July of 2012,me and my wife was on our honeymoon trip to Manali. Mostly a honeymoon trip is considered to be romantic but ours was more adventurous than romantic,we both love travel and adventure.

We hired a local taxi to roam around in Manali,our driver Krishna was a local and knows  each and every corner of Manali. We reached Manali at 3 PM ,Krishna was waiting for us,he picked us up and dropped us at our hotel which was located at outskirts of Manali.He asked us to get ready at 3 am in morning,we were going to Rohtang pass,he said if we leave later then that we wont be able to reach Rohtang as traffic increases later.We woke up at 2 am and was ready with our gears.We left on time,it was dark outside and we were shivering in cold.Krishna told us we would not get up there to Rohtang without “Dangri”, It’s a suit which keeps you warm and dry in any harsh condition.We were excited when we got in that store.

Rohtang,ManaliWe were on the way to Rohtang but we heard news that there was a land slide on the way to Rohtang and the road was blocked.Krishna took us to a place called “Marhi”. It was dark so we were not able to see things around.He took us to a “Dhaba” where we had our breakfast.

Rohtang,ManaliNow it was 5 am and things nearby was getting visible.It was raining and we were surrounded by mountains having snow on top of them,it was much bright now to see things and saw the traffic on the road on mountain to Rohtang so it was sure we were not going to Rohtang. Now what ,we asked Krishna.Krishna told us that there is a water fall nearby but you can go there only by horses. We hire 2 horses that was quite expensive.We hired them at 1200 INR for each horse. We both didn’t had any experience of riding horse on the ground and we were riding horses on mountain,we thought that,but we were guided by the horse vendor. He tied halter of my horse to my wife’s horse back and hold my wife’s horse halter and started. Initially it was a ground of green grass all around,small yellow flowers were also there. After that we saw a small river,full of water,I asked the vendor ,”Are we going to cross it” ,he said “Yes”. I thought that water shouldn’t be deeper than 2 feets maximum,but when we got into,the vendor was inside upto his chest and we were upto our knee sitting on our horses.Thanks to that “Dangri” ,we were saved by that but water found its way to our shoes .Somehow we manage the chilling water inside our shoes.Moving further it was a path of 6 inches wide and one side of it was a roaring river and on the other side was the mountain,

RohtangI was wondering how my wife was able to manage the terrifying scene.Suddenly the halter of my horse broke up and my horse was free and he actually felt that.He changed his pace and was pretending to be more aggressive,I shouted to the vendor the this guy is free now,then only my wife came to know that my horse was tied with her horse. Prior to that she was thinking that I have another vendor.That moment was the most terrifying moment of my life.Some how I controlled the horse and vendor tied him again. The place where vendor left us was approximately 500 meters away from the main waterfall. We walked over the snow which got dirty by dirt came with shoes and through the environment.It was raining  and our foots was getting into the snow but we managed through the water.

The place where we were standing was a thick snow over a roaring river,which was coming through the water fall,there were almost more than 200 people and they were enjoying on that place.Krishna our driver told us not to go to then center of that snow.There may be chances of that snow to fall on the river.It was so chilling and exciting that we roam all over around the snow.

We spent almost 2 hours there and then we returned to the horses.Horses took the same path and they took us to our Cab.