Men’s style guide for the perfect combination of tie and shirt

The inconsistency of preferences is phenomenal while having many options exhausting and directing us to come up with various decisions. Nowhere has it seemed apt as compared to the male wardrobe when questions arise over the perfect combination of shirt and tie. Taste for attires varies along with the personality of all men. Color and patterns also are challenging to master individually. But then, when the combining starts, there are very many aspects taken into consideration.  

A glance over the style guide, as discussed below, will enable you to master on the shirt and tie pairing.

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Colour Wheel concept

The color concept continues to stump most fashion-conscious men. Nonetheless, you might desire to own a formal wardrobe, consisting of pastel shades or solid shades. Color wheel happens to be the perfect guidance concerning the choice of color. The related issue tackles much smoothly without any glitches. The color wheel is a tried-and-tested one, offering a visual representation of ‘similar,’ ‘complementary’ and ‘contrasting’ color shades.

A similar color stands with each other. When these sorts of colors are close to each other, it becomes easy to pick one and add the fashion accessories in the neighboring color. A complementary color is in contrast to each other. They are sometimes tricky to pair together, as you have to be proficient. Contrasting color consists of three colors, and the best way of combining these is to make sure that one of the shades is darker, like red or navy.  

Colour Pairing Rules

It is easy to pair a shirt and a tie with contrast color, then the complementary one. For instance, a midnight-blue shirt and a red-hued tie, worn under a navy-blue, single/double breasted formal suit, gives a man an outlook, which he can pull off easily. Any shirt of lighter blue shade with a burnt orange tie also goes very well. Always wear a tie with a darker shade, as compared to the shirt you are opting. Experiment with color shades and various patterns concerning shirt and tie, to get a clear notion on the simplistic and note-worthy combination, concerning the same. 

Selecting the right tie

The tie is what everybody would notice at the initial glance. That does not connote of you having to go overboard while spending a hefty amount on the same. Ensure that the tie is of good quality and not pocket-pinching. It should look decent and tasteful when worn over the solid color shirt. Generally, the tie width should match the width of the suit’s lapel. And, also it should complement your body type.

Moreover, tie a tie in a manner fitting your face and the sort of collar your shirt has. Choose one by the occasion. Traditional silk tie suits ant formal event, while the patterned or textured ones, like wool, goes into the semi-formal events. Knitted ties are creating an uproar in men’s fashion world, and can get combined with any bespoke suit or sweater. 

  • Tie with Plain Shirts

Well-cut cotton shirts always rule the male wardrobe. The combination of one of such with denim and good-quality shoes have been topping the chart of men’s fashion, since ages. All men should be the proud owner of three primary colors, like pink, powder-blue, and white. White shirts cater to the maximum versatility, which paves the way for almost any sort of tie. It is the base on which the most characterful designs deploys minus any fashion faux pas.

  • Tie with Blue Shirts

Any blue or pink allows you to showcase your color-coordinating prowess. A light-blue shirt coordinates well with patterned, tonal, or else textures ties. Orange turns out to be the complementary color, and it is always advisable to choose the darker variety to avoid any identity crisis. Both yellow and red are the contrasting hues. Thus ties in shades of pink, mustard, or burgundy look complementing when worn. Green is almost similar to blue. So, try a bottle-green tie to put forward a sophisticated and effortless statement.  

  • Tie with Pink Shirts

Opt for either the shades of mauve or purple, when the question of wearing a pink shirt arises. Choose a darker shade. Green is a complementary color. Therefore the khaki shades come as a bold choice, making you the cynosure in the crowd. Blue is a contrasting color, and there is no other better pairing other than a pink shirt with a solid or patterned navy-blue tie.

  • Tie with Black Shirts

Black – hued shirts are a great comeback in recent times. The color black in the color wheel makes the task of trying to match any tie with the same. The only color tie that can get paired sensibly with a black-hued shirt is the tonal ones. To have a much more comfortable, semi-formal look, wear the tie over a buttoned-up black shirt under a black suit/jacket.

  • Tie with Striped Shirts

Striped-shirt works well with other stripes, as long as they are not of a similar size. For instance, a pencil-striped shirt seems a perfect host for a club-striped shirt. Be conscious about the stripe-orientation. For example, a vertically striped shirt pair well with a horizontally or diagonally striped tie. If you are keen on experimentation, then move forward while opting for polka-dotted, paisley printed or else geometrically designed ones. You will compliment as a man having notions about every detailing, when you pick out the shirt color and stripe wisely, and team the same with one of the colored ties. Your entire outlook will get pull-out successfully.

  • Tie with Checked Shirts

Gingham’s check shirt is the traditional and user-friendly one in the men’s fashion world. You should pick-out a similar, contrasting, or complementary shaded tie to have a great outlook over this shirt variety. Stay tuned with the new great shirt and tie combinations and brace yourself further by referring to the guideFor instance, a navy-blue tie will look apt when worn over the sky-blue or light-pink gingham checkered shirt. Cherry-pick the subtle variety shirt, and contrast it with a solid color tie. Go for the bolder and larger striped version of ties, as they stand-out the most over any patterned shirt. Venture out more, with the polka-dotted or paisley printed ones.

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Final decision

In the contemporary fashion industry, many men’s designer stores have adopted the formal, semi-formal, or smart-casual dress codes while making ample room for a fresh set of power-players. Sometimes, it does sound alright, but then combining a tie with a shirt is not too easy. A lot of detailed analysis involves the same. You should be attentive about the sort of occasion supposed to wear the combination. The usually discussed guidelines above will thus aid you in tie selection for the kind of shirt you opt. Gift yourself with a balanced look. Something knotted around the neck becomes an indispensable factor when chosen wisely. Therefore, be wise and wear a wiser shirt and tie combination to make heads turn!