Kerala is a beautiful state that keeps attracting tourists with its charming natural sceneries, blooming hills, cascading waterfalls and verdant tea plantations. People who have visited Kerala know that natural beauty is the supreme charm of this state.
That’s why you will find most of the articles highlighting the natural charms of Kerala on the internet. Well, if you are a nature admirer or looking for a serene destination for your holidays, then Kerala tour is ideal for you.

On your Kerala tour, you will come across many enchanting waterfalls that will refresh you from within! You won’t be able to resist the urge to stop and adore these luscious waterfalls for hours. Well, you shouldn’t be resisting that urge because you can’t find such vistas easily!
So, let’s know about the most refreshing waterfalls that you should see in Kerala for attaining inner peace and tranquillity.

Athirapilly Waterfalls:

Located 47 km away from Thrissur, Athirapilly is the highest and most beautiful waterfall of Kerala. This majestic waterfall is on the entrance of the Sholayar forest range. People pass long hours just looking at this waterfall as they can feel a unique presence of something supreme while adoring this waterfall.
The waves of water gushing through the rock-solid mountains invoke a blissful feeling in the spectators. The water streams coming from this waterfall merge in the Chalakkudy River; which is just below the falls. It is a favourite picnic spot, and people also come here for trekking.

Palaruvi Waterfalls:

Palaruvi is the 40th highest waterfall of India, and it is situated in the Kollam district of Kerala. Palaruvi means “the stream of milk” which definitely suits the milk white water of this falls. Cutting through mist-clad hills and dense green valley, the water of this fall reaches the bottom, creating a very panoramic landscape.
There is a watchtower like structure near the waterfall from where you can enjoy astounding views of Palaruvi waterfall. People believe that the water of this waterfall holds medicinal properties as it passes through natural plants and herbs before it falls down. You can reach this waterfall after an amazing trek through the forests.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls:

Thommankuthu is yet another beautiful waterfall of Kerala. It is situated just 20 km away from the town of Thodupuzha. The unique thing about this waterfall is that it features 7 steps, each of which is accompanied by a pool of water. This makes the whole panorama even more enchanting.
In addition, the exotic collection of flora and fauna raise the beauty of this waterfall to another level! It is one of the most famous picnic spots that is covered in any Kerala Tour Package and named after the hunter who discovered this beautiful waterfall.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls:

Thusharagiri waterfall is situated in a tribal tourist stop, namely Thusharagiri. This spot is located 50 km east of the famous town of Kozhikode. The water of River Challipuzha creates three different waterfalls here; one of which is Thusharagiri Waterfalls.
The word Thusharagiri means “snow-capped mountain” and the water of this fall looks exactly like snow spraying down from the Western Ghats. Yes, the water is that much pure! You can also see the origin of this waterfall by trekking uphill 5 km. Leave behind your laziness and try this trek because the views from the top are totally captivating!

Nyayamkadu Waterfalls:

Nyayamkadu waterfall is situated just 10 km away from the famous hill town of Munnar. Usually, this place remains flocked with tourists who come here for a family picnic or heart to heart conversations. The frothy waters of this fall provide a true visual treat to the visitors.
Many fishing lovers also come here to catch fishes from the pool of water created because of the waterfalls. The view of fresh water falling from a towering height of 1600 metres truly amazes the spectators here. You can also see the enthralling vistas of whole Munnar town and sprawling tea gardens if you walk up the Nyayamkadu gap.

Meenmutty Waterfalls:

Meenmutty is one of the biggest and most gorgeous waterfalls of the Wayanad district of Kerala. Situated in the town of Meenmutty, this amazing waterfall is easily accessible via 2km hike from the Ooty road. You can cover the 1 km with your vehicles as well, but the rest distance can only be covered by walking.
The water splashes down from a height of 300 m in three stages here. These gushing streams feed the Chaliyar River when they reach the bottom. The sun rays falling on the cascading stream of water makes the view truly captivating.

Cheeyappara Waterfalls:

Situated between Neriyamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi-Madurai highway is another breath-taking waterfall, namely Cheeyappara Waterfalls. The water swiftly gushes from the height of 1200 ft. in seven levels here.
It ends in the dense forest which is home to several rare species of flora and fauna. This place is often visited by picnickers, trekkers and nature lovers. The melodious sound of water falling through the rocks makes an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate!

Soojipara Waterfalls:

Soojipara waterfall is located in Wayanad, and it is the favourite spot for trekking enthusiasts. Yes, the trekking opportunity offered to reach this totally scenic waterfall attracts the trekkers in large numbers.
One has to trek through dense forests over the steep rocks for 2 km to reach here. There is a pond of water formed below the waterfall in which people enjoy activities like water rafting, swimming and bathing etc. The elevation of this waterfall ranges from 100 to 200 ft. You can also stay in the top huts nearby this waterfall to adore the natural vistas for a longer duration.

So, you must go to see some of the above-given waterfalls while visiting Kerala this time. These are surely the most serene and rejuvenating spots of the entire state where you can ease all your worries!