We’ve all heard this often, People saying “Mumbai is a city but Bombay is an emotion” words fail to capture the essence of Mumbai, its magic. There is a reason, something that drive people here, like a moth to the flame. Lately there has been a rise in the number of vlogs related to Mumbai, about the street food, the night life, places to visit, some hidden gems around like trekking spots or waterfalls and the list could go on and on.

And if you are new to Mumbai, this city might intimidate you, even scare you because of its vastness and it may seem berserk to a few of you. It’s quite natural to feel this way honestly. Few of the most important things you will need to know beforehand as a tourist visiting Mumbai city is the transport i.e how to get into the city from the airport and how to move around the city without getting exploited, the local transport and the food, currency that you are going to use.

The vlogs in the article provide you a vision of Mumbai in its true sense. They show the raw, unfiltered, chaotic and beautiful perception of Mumbai captured by the vloggers. It’s not filmed or staged in any way and seeing those will equip you beforehand to travel and visit this city without worrying about trivial things. This will permit you to relish the city and enjoy the experience without being anxious. And if you are a local and have been living in the city since forever, the vlogs will provide you with a whole different perception of Mumbai from the eyes of a tourist or a traveller which is amazing to watch.

All in all Mumbai is a city that has it all. It has dreamers and hard laborers, stray dogs and cows as well as exotic pets and sophisticated art galleries. Street food and Michelin star restaurants alike. Words do not do justice to this city that never sleeps.

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