All about Ellie Goulding

“It’s the strangest feeling, feeling this way for you, something in the way you move; don’t know what it is you do.”


The beat, the voice, and something in the way you move don’t remind you of Madagascar animation movie’s theme song anymore.

The artist shone brilliantly with her debut album “Lights” and continued to ‘burn’ (get the pun?) the music world with her indie-pop music and

‘out-of-control voice’ (her words, not mine!).

Ellie Goulding has a soprano voice, and when she delivers acoustics in that breathy high-pitch of hers, it is as unique as Bryan Adams acidic voice.

This brilliant British artist started in 2009 and continued to create Billboard top 100 chart hits with songs like, “How long will I love you”, “I need your love”, “Love me like you do (bagged a Grammy in 2015 for this one!)“ and “On my mind” , sharing her collaborations with EDM artists like Zedd, Skrillex and Calvin Harris.

download.jpgMy personal favourite these days is her cover song of Don McLean’s “Vincent”. The lyrics, though already famous, will touch your heart again if you hear it in the breathy acoustic she has delivered it in.

Besides her contribution to music, Ellie also has a philanthropic side too, which she lets out by participating in marathons supporting women issues, voice against Ebola virus rise in Africa and children in need.

In October, 2017 she was awarded with a Global Leadership Award by United Nations Foundation for her environmental and social justice activism.

The artist doesn’t shy away from being straightforward about the things on her mind, and even if it was meant to insult, it doesn’t hurt much because it’s lyrical and beautiful to hear.