Ellie Goulding – Best Music Videos  on YouTube 

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The article features a list of some of the Ellie’s best music videos, of the songs that are amongst her biggest hits and definitive points in her career until now.

Off the top of the list is ‘Love Me Like You Do’. The video balances the contrast between a performance and a narration, by rolling interlaced elements from the movie,’Fifty Shades of Grey’ with Ellie’s performance. Due to this, and the visuals and music working together, the video succeeds in captivating the viewer.

Next off is ‘Burn’, an electronic pop music video that captures the spirit of youthfulness. It’s mostly a performance with a subtle storyline focusing on the youth’s appetite for adventure. It is a treat to the eyes, especially in the last minute when the ground lights up, representing the essence of the lyrics.

Then we have ‘On My Mind’, a video that narrates the story of a woman’s relationship with her controlling, materialistic partner and her frustration with him staying ‘on her mind’ despite bad treatment. She eventually breaks free, thus taking control of herself. It’s an important video that breaks the male gaze theory.

Next is Goulding’s ‘Still Falling for You’. The video features her silhouette in front of a large screen playing scenes from the film, ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’, accenting the love-filled lyrics, capturing the essence of true love.

Lastly we have the five times platinum hit ‘Lights’, which was inspired by Goulding’s fear of dark. The video is full of bright 3D effects in dark surroundings, thus literally representing ‘light in the dark’.

These are a few picks for the best videos by Ellie Goulding, with beautiful visuals, accompanied by her soulful voice, these are must watch for anyone with a taste for pop music.